Marble Pavers Supplier Installer Long Island NY

by / Thursday, 26 July 2018 / Published in Giuseppe Abbrancati

Designed by Giuseppe Abbrancati and installed by Gappsi, this swimming pool patio displays Winter Cream marble pavers from Bay Rock suppliers. A primary white marble with a smooth textured, semi-polished finish and tumbled edges. The pool coping is also polished winter cream marble. A raised patio area was built with columns on each side including spillover water bowls. These water bowls are made of a transparent resin that allows the light that is inside of the bowl to come through. The red light inside the spill over bowl is made to mimic fire, creating a very impressive special effect. The sun deck also incorporates a sheer descent with wall washer lights mounted underneath the coping of the sun deck, steps, and columns.

winter creame marble pavers , bayrock supplier, GappsiSwimming pool with Spill over water bowls for pools dealer Long Island GappsiSpill over water bowls for pools dealer Long Island Gappsi (2)beautiful water featurs for pool patio ideas by Gappsi

Marble Swimming Pool coping and Pavers Installer Contractor Long Island NY

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