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Gappsi Stones Restoration

Cleaning & Sealing Services For Patios, Driveways & Retaining Walls

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Is it necessary to seal pavers

Bes! Concrete pavers should be sealed. Paving stones are manufactured with the highest quality cement, but cement is a corrosive material that wears under natural elements. The sun, rain and cold, can easily wear the surface of pavers, and a good sealing job with the right sealing product, applied by a professional technician of sealing, will create a layer of protection over the paving stones making them water repellent and weather proof. This will protect the concrete surface from corrosion. A good sealer penetrates the paver surface and stays there for many years, even if the look of the sealer goes away, the color and texture of the pavers will stay new.

Do you need to pressure wash pavers before sealing them?

Yes! All concrete and paver surfaces should be cleaned before applying any sealer coating. It is very important that the surface is clean because any stains or materials that get trapped under the sealer will not be able to be cleaned after it’s sealed. Pressure washing pavers is just as important as sealing it. Using the wrong pressure washing tools could also hurt the pavers. A pressure washer with the wrong nozzle could mark or wear the pavers. The best recommended tool is a high volume, low pressure, hot water pressure washer. The hot water cleans the pavers and prepares the surface for the best result sealing job.

What is the best sealer for concrete pavers?

There are many manufactures of sealers, from solvents to acrylic urethane. Epoxies, acrylic, and urethanes sealers come in water-based versions and solvent-based versions, including combinations of both. The biggest difference between the two is the VOC content. The sheen and life of the product determines how often it lasts before needing to be reapplied. Solvent-based acrylics tend yellow overtime and don’t allow the concrete breathe. Epoxies are the strongest sealers, but are best used for smoother surfaces and more for indoor or warehouse floor application. The best sealers for paving stones are water-based urethanes. They are algae and mold inhibitors, allow superior joint stabilization, they are environmentally safe, its UV Protection will not harm vegetation, and it is VOC Compliant in all 50 States. Well-trained Gappsi personnel can apply paving stone sealer products achieving the best results.

What type of Sand material is best to fill the joints in between pavers?

Polymeric sand is best to use to fill the joints in between pavers. High quality polymeric sand will not leave any stains on the surface. Gappsi vibrates the pavers while sweeping which allows the send to fill the joints tight and also help the sand harden. Sweeping the excess sand off the pavers before wetting the sand is also very important. This prevents the glue that is in the sand to smear the pavers surface. Most importantly, applying a good urethane sealer will further help the sand to harden and prevent ants from digging into the paver joints and weeds from growing on patios.

How often do pavers need to be resealed?

It is important to wait at least a year before sealing concrete pavers from the date of installation. Concrete pavers have to cure and must go through a four-season cycle of weathering. This allows most of the lime from the paver’s surface to come out. After the cleaning and pressure washing process, all the lime from the surface gets removed and the color of the stones gets exposed, this allows the sealer to capture the best of the pavers and preserve it that way. The life of the sealer is contingent to how well it has been applied. Three to five years is recommended by most sealer manufactures, and usually people reseal the driveway and pavers that often. But what's most important is that pavers are sealed right one time and even though the sheen will go away, or some dust my sit on the surface, the sealer that penetrated the surface of the pavers has created that will be present for many years preventing the pavers from edging.

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Gappsi is an ICPI award winning paving stone company. For designing and installing, the most recognizable masonry and paving stone installation in the USA in the past 32 years. Gappsi has recognized the need for a change to clean and bring back to life the colors and to preserve the structural integrity of our client’s outdoor floors. Gappsi has worked to find and select the right product for you. Through our fellow industry associate sealer professional and experienced chemists that through years of research and on-the-job testing, created this amazing product for Gappsi. The result is a system that rejuvenates the beauty of your pavement surface, and provides lasting protection of your investment. You chose the best pavement system for your property outdoor floors; now trust the professionals at Gappsi to maintain it beautiful. The Gappsi sealing products are water based with low volatile organic compound ( VOC) content as an alternative to solvent – based products, has generated a new technology – environmentally and Eco-friendly . This system allows you to ones again enjoy your hardscape project. Additionally Gappsi sealing products are not harmful to the environment and do not emit harmful odors. Gappsi provides you with a product that is environmentally safe, won’t harm pets or plants.


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