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This backyard is designed and constructed by Gappsi in West Islip, Long island NY 11795. The layout incorporates a 18x36 gunite swimming pool rectangular shape. The swimming pool is only 6 feet deep and is a non-diving pool, thus a diving board cannot be installed. The steps are built along side the 18 foot long shallow area and it also has 2 benches in the deep end to exit the pool. The finish of the swimming pool is done with black-colored quartz dust. Two LED lights were installed on one side and the hydraulic system, consisting of two skimmers and 2 inch 40 schedule PVC plumbing. Hayward equipment is installed including a gas heater, VS pump, cartridge filter, salt-chlorine generator, and an automation control panel. The swimming pool also has a safety auto cover and a mesh winter cover. The coping and patio consists of 2 inch thick, flamed Pennsylvania bluestone for the pool coping, and 1 inch flagging for the remainder of the patio. On one side of the swimming pool, there is no patio and the grass comes up to the pool edge. There is also a pool cabana built and an outdoor cooking island. The landscaping, including flowers, grass, and trees. The pool and patio design is created to compliment the Hamptons-style home, finished with natural, weathered cedar shingles.

Gunite Swimming Pool

Gappsi long island ny

A gunite swimming pool can be designed and built in many customized shapes - this is the benefit of gunite construction. The sky's the limit when it comes to a custom-made swimming pool shape.Spas, sundecks, waterfalls and water features can all be easily incorporated into the swimming pool design and structure.

Gappsi long island ny

This particular gunite pool is built in West Islip, NY by Gappsi, and on a waterfront residential property. Due to the high water table on the canal, statistic realist valves are installed in the swimming pool floor. These valves will automatically open if the pool is empty and allow the water to enter the pool from the the ground below the swimming pool. This decreases pressure on the shell and lifts it out of the ground. The swimming pool construction begins with the framing and excavation. Due to the vicinity of the water, extra excavation must be done approximately 2 feet deeper than necessary to remove the muck soil that accumulated for many years. 2 foot thick, over-sized gravel is installed and a deteriorating system is created within the gravel base. The deteriorating system allows for future removal of water from under the swimming pool if necessary. The gunite swimming pool shell is applied 10 inches thick on

Gappsi long island ny

the walls, 8 inches thick for the floors, and reinforced with 12 inches on the center over a ½ inch rebar cage. The top interior perimeter of the swimming pool is veneered with gray 6”x6” porcelain tiles, installed below the blue stone coping. The interior finish of the pool is black quartz. This gives the pool water a more natural color and also reflects the blue in the sky better than any other pool finish. Quartz is a more expensive material compared to marble dust, but it is more durable and lasts much longer, twice the time as marble dust does. There are many benefits of using quartz over marble dust, but it also adds to some extra cost to the pool construction. The pool is only 6 feet deep and cannot be a diving pool, but this is not a weakness to this pool. Shallow pools are very useful for swimming and playing sports, and it is also very comfortable for people that don’t know how to swim as well. They allow for anyone to stand anywhere in the pool, which results in a higher quantity of guests able to use the pool at a single time.

Safety Auto Cover

A safety cover is a great option to have on a swimming pool. It could be costly initially to have it installed, but there are so many benefits that over time, the safety cover will pay for itself and more. A automated safety pool cover is also a solar cover that keeps your pool clean. The rubberized material of which it is fabricated, absorbs heat from the sun and keeps that heat trapped below its solid surface. This process extends your pool season, where you can keep the pool open from early April up until late October. When the cover is closed, it prevents dust and other objects from getting into the water. With just these two benefits alone, you eliminate all the maintenance that you would encounter if your pool was open during the off season and the cost of running a heater during the colder months.
These covers come in many different colors as well. This allows you to match or contrast the color of your patio pavers. The cover is installed so that it can be conveniently opened, in less than a minute, with the turn of a key too. This is the best safety feature the cover provides safety.

The cover is strong enough to hold a person and it prevents any accidents from happening, such as an unsupervised child that can't swim attempting to go into or accidentally falling into the pool. The same goes for pets and other yard animals. Safety covers also allow you to have an open pool area without a safety fence. This brings you thousands of dollars in savings and does not disrupt the design layout.

Mesh Winter Cover

A mesh winter cover is installed over a swimming pool during the winter months. After the swimming pool is winterized at the end of the season, a mesh cover installation prevents people, animals, and pets falling into the pool.

There are few grades of mesh covers. The stronger ones have closer straps and tighter mesh, which can block sun rays getting through it surface. This prevents algae from building up in the pool water during the winter months. These covers are much stronger and durable, but also more expensive to buy.

You can tell the difference between a good mesh winter cover and a cheap one by simply looking at the square panels on it. These are made by the straps in the cover. The smaller the square panels are the better the cover usual is. A good cover has 3’x3’ square box pattern. Also when looking at a good cover, if you cant see the water underneath, that means the sun can't either and the water will likely be much cleaner.

By having a good mesh winter cover, this simplifies the opening of the pool in the Spring too. Without a great cover, the water sitting in the pool from September to April, will accumulate dirt and algae. To get that pool water back in order will require lots of chemicals and hours of work cleaning the filter and water. By having a great mesh winter cover, the entire pool opening process will be much easier.

Coping and Patio

The coping and patio of this swimming pool is constructed with flamed bluestone pavers in a random pattern. There are different sizes of flagging material for the patio area, including 12 inch wide by 6 ft long, 2 inch thick treads for the pool coping. Because of the autocover box, the coping over the the box where the cover rolls into, is 24 inches wide and installed over steel brackets that flush with the inside of the pool wall. The patio is installed on 4 inches of fiber mesh reinforced concrete base, separated from pool wall with a foam expansion joint, and later filled with outdoor rubberized gray coping to match the patio.

Pool Cabana

This pool cabana has many functions. It is mainly a changing room and a shower area, but it also has a small kitchen with a refrigerator and appliances. It is conveniently built next to the pool, but also to the baulk head next to the boat, making it a sort of boat house as well. It was built to match the architecture of the house with large folding sliding doors and many windows. It also serves to hide the swimming pool equipment, which is installed right behind the pool house.

Outdoor Cooking Island

A kitchen island was built next to the house half between the sliding door and the patio area. It is built with cement blocks and veneered with field stone-style cultured stone. It is the same stone used to cover the concrete footing of the house.


There are many planting beds installed next to the house, along the fence, and behind the pool. A mix of annuals, perennials, and evergreens, including flowers and grass, ornate the simple landscape design. The backyard lawn is brought up to the pool coping on one long side of the pool. The house and the swimming pool are designed to recreate a Hamptons-style home, built on a water front property in the heart of West Islip, NY.

Gappsi long island ny

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