Concerned About Stains On The Driveway From Car Leaks.

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CUSTOMER: So I love picking your brain… My husband collects classic cars and has a pretty extensive garage on the side of the house that has the driveway attached. He is constantly putting cars on jack’s stands, cars on trailers and so on. Is their one material better than another to endure all that he does and not show so much grease in the event that something leaks? Is their some design we could come up with where he parks his cars to account for this?

GIUSEPPE: If the driveway is done with pavers or natural stones and there is a particular area that he would use to park the cars when he is fixing them, we can make an inlay of the same paving material using a different pattern and applying a sealer coating on it so it would not stain. Then once a year he can reseal that area which it would not be a big deal because it is a small area and it would not be expensive. Sealing the inlay of pavers will show a different finish then the rest of the pavers but it won’t matter considering the whole inlay design differs from the rest of the driveway.

CUSTOMER: This is why I like you. The ideas just keep coming 🙂 Can I set up an appt to come see you on the 13th of November to go over the travertine and talk about prepping the back yard this year as well as locking down the driveways as I have some questions about doing a travertine apron at the bottom of the driveway to tie together with the backyard and such. Do you need to come here prior to see what we have mapped out as the patio for the pool since it has been mostly completed and to talk about the driveway?? I wasn’t too sure if u needed to see the pool and patio layout since we lessened It on some areas and added in others and wasn’t too sure if u needed to calculate square footage.

GIUSEPPE: Please call the office and make an appointment to meet one of our designers at the showroom.

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