Concrete Wall Vinyl Swimming Pool: Installed by Gappsi, Islip NY

by / Monday, 07 August 2017 / Published in Giuseppe Abbrancati

This 16’x32′ vinyl pool is equipped with stadium stairs, concrete walls, and vermiculite foot print free bottom. This pool has a solar safety auto cover built into the coping which allows homeowners to protect their pool with ease. The pool is accessorized with lounge couches and chairs.

Another pool accessory added to the design is a 16′ dolphin slide. Melphi Limestone two inch coping and pavers for patio. The yellow/beige natural stone brings a bright and fresh style to the finish of the backyard. Islip NY, built by Gappsi designed by Giuseppe Abbrancati.

Click here to watch the final product in action:

Vinyl Swimming Pool

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