Decorative concrete Benefits-Pictures-Applications-Long Island Gappsi

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By Giuseppe Abbrancati

Decorative concrete is a poured concrete slab and then a second application is applied to create a design pattern. These product application procedures can also be applied to existing concrete as a cheap alternative or a quick fix up .One of the process used to decorate concrete is by placing a stencil on the floor over the concrete area that has to be decorated. From then a concrete adhesive is applied to the concrete for the finish coating to attach to the floor. The veneer is about 1/8 thick and is applied by spraying it over the stencils, once the product is dried the stencil paper is peeled off and the look of a join is created to define the patters chosen. This veneer is not very durable to the wear and withering caused by the elements and by the car tires driving over it or by the pedestrians shoes.

Pretty much like paint the finish coating comes in many colors to choose from also many colors combination can be created, but one of the biggest down faults of decorated concrete is repairs. It is hard to match and a repair will always stand out like an add on.

The cost for decorating old concrete is expensive for what you are getting and there are not too many contractors that do this kind of work. So for people that fall in love with decorative concrete will pay a lot more to get less quality. Decorative concrete also looks very unnatural and commercial and it is a cheap alternative and an imitation of natural stone. Many will suggest sealing decorative concrete, but that is the worst thing to do because poured concrete has pores and once sealed it would not let the moisture out to the surface and the top of the pavement will start to flake and disintegrate.

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