downside of fiberglass pools

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There are many different types of pool construction materials used throughout time, from old wooden pools, steel wall, concrete wall, fiberglass, and gunite. There are many different reasons for the use of these materials, with benefits and drawbacks. The drawbacks of using a fiberglass shell pool starts with its bulk, its one unit that needs to be shipped. Another drawback is once installed it needs to be consistently filled and any repairs that need draining may cause the pool to literally “pop” out of the ground. A third drawback is fiberglass steps after the years start to fade from the rest of the shell and becomes brittle and tends to crack. Here at Gappsi we tend to stay away from fiberglass pools and opt. for the use of concrete wall pool with vinyl liner. . For any additional information, call long island fiberglass pools company or visit our showroom for more information at (631)-543-1177, 1015 W. Jericho Turnpike Smithtown NY 11787.

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