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Pool shapes and options
Pools can be practically shaped into any form whether we use gunite, steel or molded concrete walls. Gunite use to be the only way a pool could be shaped, not anymore.
Gappsi pools of Smithtown, long island New York builds gunite pools.

Here is how we build a gunite pool.
A gunite pool is a concrete structure, the shape of the pool gets spray painted on the floor, we then begin with excavation of the hole with a gunite pool. The hole has to be done precise, because gunite cement is pneumatically sprayed. A layer of 6” thick concrete makes the shell for the entire pool a bond beam 12’ wide further reinforces the top edge of the pool. Gunite concrete can achieve strengths of 6000 to 7500 psi (wet casted concrete is usually 3000 to 4000 psi) gunite is very strong and that is due to the application of dense patching of the material as it is sprayed and also due to the fact that little amount of water is required to hydrate the cement thus making the pool structure a solid body of dense concrete. Gunite pools have been built for over a 100 years including commercial applications, Olympic competitions as well as residential high end private houses like the white house in Washington DC. Gunite pool construction is a unique process of construction that allows the customization of any shape. It can be sprayed on floors, walls as well as ceilings this allows Gappsi pools to create grottos and tunnels within the swimming pools.
Gunite pools can be constructed in any shapes and sizes there are no limits to the size of a pool shell that can be built with gunite, unlike other methods of pool constructions.
A standard process of pool construction has a crushed gravel base that is installed under the pool floor as a sub base. The pool piping is installed for the filtration and water circulation. A steel reinforced cage is installed in a grid like pattern throughout the pool floor and walls which further reinforces the gunite pool shell and will make the concrete a one structure unit.
A 6 inch tall tile is installed at the top of the pool, below the coping these ceramics are weather resistant, acid proof water proof and frost proof. The interior of the pool floor and walls are finished with ½ inch thick layer of a mix of marble dust and white portland cement. The mixture is mixed with water and troweled onto a smooth sand paper like finish. It is slip resistant it does not need to be painted and can last for many years. The filter system is designed to efficiently create the flow to clean and purify the water. Gunite pools will not get damaged by any objects that may fall in the pool, all water lines are encased in concrete and protected by termite attacks. Also the pool gets filled up with water right after the marble dust is finished to be smoothened.
Gappsi is also builder of steel walls. Gappsi pools are dun-rite and plumperfect.

Steel walls have become more and more popular over the years. Gappsi has been installing steel wall pools and spas on long island New York for 2 decades.
Steel wall pools and spas have reached unprecedented customization levels over the years. Steel wall pools and spas can be shaped into any form, they are very simple and fast to build and this is the way Gappsi in ground steel wall swimming pools are built. You can view pictures of our methods of steel wall construction on our website pool page as well as complete pool surroundings with complete masonry and landscapes. Steel wall pools have been more affordable to build in the past, but due to the increased demand of steel from the Chinese market for their industrial evolution, price of steel has increased thus making the price of steel walls not as affordable as they were. Steel wall pools are kits that are preordered and customized to any shapes. The manufacture of steel wall pool kits that Gappsi uses are: caravelle pools. A caravelle pool is a perfected engineering concept that centers on the unique strength and stability of the parabolic arch construction from polymer materials. From the design concept and tooling construction to the molding process of precision parts, the Caravelle line is a natural extension of Cardinal System’s industry leading family of in ground pool products.
Cardinal pool systems has created a unique new way to ensure that vinyl covered steps and benches fit perfectly on every installation using a liner track that is drilled and bent to bolt between each step tread and riser of the cardinal steel steps. Made of electro –statically coated extruded aluminum pieces, the track eliminates the need for the traditional step rod thus eliminating the need for rod clips and pockets. A vinyl bead is welded to the back of the liner by the liner manufacture which simply snaps in to this new track. The new track can accommodate any shape or sizes step or bench.
We also use Imperial Pools – what began back in 1959 as a small retail pool business, today, is the Northeast’s oldest and largest privately owned manufacturer of high quality galvanized steel in ground pool kits. In addition they manufacture one-piece thermoplastic steps and vinyl liners for in ground and above ground pools. The main plant, located in Latham, NY is a 150,000 square foot multi-faceted facility. It houses our corporate offices and showroom; manufacturing sectors / steel, vinyl and steps and a large distribution center. Also headquartered is Saratoga Spa Company with its manufacturing department and corporate offices.
After the selection of the pool shape and manufacture, the construction of a steel wall pool begins with marking the pool layout on the ground. Then an excavation crew marks out and prepares the area of your backyard where you want the pool located.
The excavator digs a big hole in your yard, pretty much making a big mess of your previously nice looking lawn. The braces must be attached to each pool panel. Cement must be poured on each brace after the wall has been set to the right height and is plumbed. The cement helps to keep the wall in place when it is being backfilled. Gappsi builds plum perfect pool walls and perfect leveled pool floors. It also adds strength for when the water is put into the pool. Later on, a solid concrete collar is poured around the bottom of all of the panels to ensure stability. You can see the pool kit being put together in a matter of one day. Steps and benches can be added. The construction process for polymers or plastic wall panels are the same as a steel kit – except the walls and braces are made of a different material. The pool wall panels are set on blocks so they can make sure they are all the same height and are at the right grade level. Then the options are added to the pool, like walk-in step units. The plumbing pipes are run around the pool as well, skimmers are installed toward the end of the pool wall. An aluminum receptor coping or the track to accommodate the fullnose coping can be installed by way of being screwed to the top of the wall. A cement truck is ordered and ready to pour the concrete collar that will stabilize the entire pool wall installation. After all options such as skimmers, steps and jets have already been installed. It is ready for the pool floor to be floated. Some customers prefer to have the floor of the pool made of cement rather than sand. Gappsi installers can make the bottom of the pool nice and smooth the whole pool floor looks perfect after it is troweled and floated. The pool floor must have sand added to it to make a nice smooth, comfortable pool bottom. This means that the sand is smoothed out with trowels. This is actually the step where your pool shape comes to life and you can finally get an idea what your pool may look like when it is done! Also a hard bottom is possible to avoid foot prints showing when the lights in the pool are on at night. A hard bottom can be made of a dry mix of sand and cement or vermiculite pre mixed composite that gets installed like the sand but that will harden overtime. Once the liner is put into the pool (otherwise known as dropping the bag), the Gappsi installers will hang into the pool to make the fine adjustments necessary to guard off wrinkles in the liner. In a new pool, there should not be that many wrinkles (although sometimes a few cannot be helped Once the pool floor is ready, it is time to get ready to put the pool liner in. This is usually a nervous time for both the installation crew and the pool owner in the hopes that the liner fits and is the right color. Foam padding is installed on the pool walls prior to the liner being installed. Now it is time to fill the pool up with water. After the pool is filled with water and backfilled with dirt the dive board stands and ladder and rail cups can be cemented in. After the dirt around the pool has settled for a few weeks, the cement, bricks, natural stones or other deck-work can be added to the pool area. After that, the ladder, rails, diving board, landscaping and other finishing touches can be installed. Then it’s time to jump in and enjoy your brand new pool! Some of commonly used pool shape names are Rectangular, L shaped, gothic, oval, lazy L, kidney, Grecian, oasis, single roman end, double roman end, mountain pond, lagoon , double lagoon, free formed, jagged L, mountain lake, and many others shapes are possible steel wall pools can be customized to your specifications.
Concrete walls, vinyl lined swimming pools are the ideal choice. Gappsi is the premier pools and spas builder on long island, we build concrete wall swimming pools and then line the pools with pool liner. Gappsi builds spectacular swimming pools, pool patios and pool copings as the king of pools and spa builder on long island we pride ourselves for our costumer service and selection of pool building methods .Gappsi engineer’s new ways to build the most unique pool shapes. Concrete wall pools are probably the best pool installation. Gappsi concrete wall are modern & comfort able swimming pools and spas , with all our amenities and options your gappsi pool will make your summer days enjoyable, worry and maintenance free.
At gappsi we customize every pool to the costumers request and to fit any yard size and shape. The process of building a concrete wall pool is the same as a steel wall pool. The advantage of a concrete wall pool is the walls are guaranteed for ever – a life time guaranty. Gappsi uses 4000 psi concrete and 10” thick walls with 4 rows of reinforced rebar running parallel throughout length of the pool wall. The advantages of concrete walls are unparalleled by any other method of pool construction. Skimmers are built in and incased in concrete, this will for ever keep the skimmers from moving and cracking. Concrete walls are very strong and will not move or be pushed by the pressure of the water inside the pool or by the backfill on the outside of the pool. Concrete wall with vinyl lined walls are simply the best pool construction method for versatility and freedom of designing, strength and comfort. Gappsi in the leading pool company on long island gappsi is your pool doctor for every pool needs and services.

Swimming pool liners
Gappsi pool liners colors range from white to black to beige and browns .we have the largest blue colored swimming pool liners ranging from baby blue to sky blue to
true blue swimming pools. The pool liners reflect the color of the sky and absorb the suns rays to keep water warm for you and your family to enjoy. Gappsi pool services cover the north shore of Long Island, east and west for Nassau and Suffolk County’s of long island. Gappsi has the vast knowledge of territory and understands the concerns for all south shore pools that are built by high water table areas. The options of inground swimming pools are forever changing to provide gappsi pool costumers the comfort that blends with their lifestyle and budgets.
The 3 main manufactures of swimming pool options are Pentair, Jandy and Hayward gappsi is a warranty center for all products that we install on our swimming pools these manufactures of pool options are constantly striving to deliver quality for gappsi pool costumers.
Energy Solutions Line
Haywards Pool Products manufactured offer innovation, energy-efficiency and reliability. Hayward provides the latest in pool pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, controls, lighting, and salt chlorination. Our Pool Safety Products add a layer of protection for additional peace of mind. For more info you may visit Hayward web site at www.haywardnet.com.
Pentair Water Pool and Spa Pentair Water Pool and Spa® is the world’s leading manufacturer of pool and spa equipment and accessories. We built our company so the pool professional and, by extension, the pool owner can secure all the best products from a single source…with the confidence and comfort that comes from single source responsibility and support. Under the Pentair Water Pool and Spa®, Pentair Pool Products®, Sta-Rite® and Rainbow® brands, we offer the innovative products that make pool and spa ownership simpler, more enjoyable, and more energy efficient than ever before. Above ground Systems Automation Cleaners, Drains, Fittings, Frames, Grates Filters, Heaters, Heat Pumps, Lighting, Maintenance & Safety Equipment, Pumps, Skimmers, Valves, Water Features. Water Maintenance Products Pentair Water Commercial Pool and Aquaticswww.pentaircommercial.com. Our Commercial division offers swimming pool equipment for commercial, large residential and large exterior water environments such as aquariums, zoos, water parks, and resort swimming pools.
Commercial pool automation, Commercial pool filters, Commercial pool pumps, Commercial pool heaters, Diving stands, Diving towers, Competitive starting platforms, Pool railings, Pool lights. Water polo goals Pentair Water Pool and Spa and Pentair Water Commercial Pool and Aquatics are part of Pentair Water Technologies, a global leader in innovative products and systems used in the movement, treatment, storage and enjoyment of water. Pentair Water Technologies is a division of Pentair, Inc., a public company trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PNR.
For more information you may visit their web site at www.pentairpool.com Gappsi is a service center for Jandy pool products and options gappsi’s pool show room displays all Jandy products and gappsi installs all Jandy options on every new gappsi inground swimming pool.
Sustainable Growth Through Innovation
The Jandy story is rich in innovation. It all began in the early 1950’s when Andrew Pansini, inventor of the first automatic pool cleaner, founded Jandy Industries. Around that same time, Los Angeles-based inventor Avy Miller revolutionized pool heater design and started a company called Laars. The Teledyne Corporation, seeking to expand into new markets, purchased Laars in 1966, Jandy Industries in 1996 and Olympic in 1999, becoming Teledyne Laars Jandy Products.
In November of 1999, Teledyne combined two of its divisions, Water Pik and Laars Jandy, and spun them off as publicly traded Water Pik Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: PIK). To facilitate a simple, unified message, the decision was made in 2002 to market all Water Pik pool and spa products, including Laars® heaters, under the Jandy® brand name.
In an effort to continue its growth into new markets, Jandy purchased Air Energy Heat Pumps, Inc. in June of 2003 and Huron Tech Systems (manufacturer of ClorMatic® salt chlorine generators and titanium heat exchangers) in June of 2004. Both acquisitions strengthen Jandy’s position as the worldwide leader in the pool and spa industry.
Among the latest innovations are Jandy® AquaPure Salt Chlorine Generators, AE-Ti Heat Pumps, NeverLube® Backwash Valves, Laminar Jets, Deck Jets, CJ Series Filters, LJ Heaters and Low NOx LX/LT Heaters. And polaris products
With dedicated management and support teams and our complete line of products, the Jandy® brand is well positioned for long-term success. “Our strategy for Jandy mirrors our overall corporate strategy of sustainable growth through innovation,” says Vance Gillette, Vice President and General Manager. “We are constantly striving to develop products that will help pool and spa owners enjoy their backyard environments in ways they never thought possible for more information on jandy products you may visit jandy web site at www.jandy.com for all our pool options will work perfectly your pool water will look crystal clear for you to enjoy your pool for many decades. You will swim like a king in you gappsi installed pool and spa.

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