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Building Permits Expediting Services

What is an Expediter?

An expediter acts as a liaison between the property owner and the local municipality to assist with obtaining Building Permits. Applying for a Building Permit may seem like just filling out an application, but it is not. Each municipality has their own list of requirements and their own way of processing and reviewing applications. From working with the local Building Departments on numerous projects, they know exactly what is required and develop relationships with the town officials, therefore keeping the process moving along. In fact, a good expediter may know more than the individual behind the counter. As they deal with ALL aspects of that Building Department, between the plans examiner, application counter, Board of Appeals, inspectors, CO department, etc. An expediter will be able to tell you any potential issues that may come up, delays that can arise, and potentially ways around avoiding them. They are also very familiar with the local zoning codes and can tell if what you are proposing is going to require any type of additional approvals. It is with that knowledge that the building permit process gets expedited.

What are the documents that are needed to get a building permit?

In all townships there is an application that needs to be submitted, however, it varies from town to town on what else is required. Rule of thumb is, you will always need to submit a Tax Bill, Certificate of Occupancy and Property Survey, at minimum. Some towns require updated surveys and some may except an older one, depending on it's accuracy and legibility. Depending on the project and location, you may also need to submit architectural plans, landscaping plans, Architectural Review Board approval, Health Department approval, and or NYS Department of Environmental Conservation approval. Depending on the township, depends on what additional documents are required and a good expediter will know exactly what is required to apply for your permit in your town

Can I file a Building Permit myself?

As a property owner you are certainly allowed to file an application on your own. However, if you are not familiar with the process, it can result in numerous trips and hours spent at the Building Department before you even get your application filed. Any mistakes made with the paperwork can result in delays that can set your project back weeks. Filing a Building Permit application in many of the townships takes hours of waiting, which will result in lost wages. A thorough expediter will assure that the application gets submitted with the correct documentation on the first shot. An expediter also has many connections with other professional's in the industry and can guide you to the one that best fits your project. We find, most Building Departments prefer to have a knowledgeable individual, such as an expediter, as it helps them make their jobs easier and keep the process moving.

Would I be able to afford an expediter?

YES! Not using an expediter would actually end up costing you more in the end. The advice you get from a good expediter comes with years of experience in the permit process. The amount of time you ended up wasting from going back and forth to the town and aggravation you received, alone makes it well worth it to retain an expediter. A thorough, knowledgeable and honest expediter will act as your guide, assistant, coordinator and advisor and a source for all other trades and professionals that you may need.

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