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The installation of this Thursday Goliath 16×37 fiberglass swimming pool was executed with an excavator, after digging the hole, a 3/8 bluestone gravel base was used for the under layer for the pool shell to sit on. The pool was then lifted and dropped in place; numerous adjustments were made before we started filling the fiberglass pool with water and backfilling around the pool shell. Sonar tubes were placed around the all perimeter of the pool to be used as future supports for the concrete slab of the patio base. On this fiberglass swimming pool a safety auto cover was also installed, the Goliath 16×37 is 3.8” to 6’8”deep with which makes this fiberglass pool a non-diving pool but it makes it a fun pool to swim, play sports activities and sit on the extensive benches and step that are molded in the pool shell by the manufacture. This fiberglass swimming pool was installed by Gappsi in Lawrence NY 11559, located on the south shore of Nassau County long Island. Due to the high water table in this area the pool was elevated, and many yards of fill were brought in to raise the property Grade. Fiberglass swimming pools are very challenging to install, starting with the delivery and due to the size of this pool 16×37 it was very expensive to cross the bridges and trucking it on the highway. 2 police car escort were also needed beside the delivery truck.The patio pavers used are the melfi limestone Vincenza pattern along with 2 inches thick random coping for the pool edge. These stones are exclusive Gappsi patio stone.

 fiberglass pool installation Lawernce ny 11559 by Gappsi

fiberglass pool installation Lawernce ny 11559 by Gappsi

melfi-limestone-pool-pavers-installation-in-lawernce-ny-11559-by-gappsi melfi-limestone-vincenza-patter-installed-in-lawernce-ny-11559-by-gappsi

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