Freeform Swimming Pools and Spas Builders Long Island NY

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By Giuseppe Abbrancaty

Free formed swimming pools can be shaped in many sizes and styles,Every swimming pool company on long island calls their pools different names to market them selves. Some common names of free formed swimming pools are: kidney, Mountain Lake. Lagoon. Double lagoon, mountain pond, harbor cove etc.. But in the end a free formed pool is measured by the longest point and the widest part of the pool that determines the size of a freeform pool. Free formed swimming pools are not the most functional pools, most people get this type of pools only for the look they never really consider the functional factor of the pool for when they will be using  it, water usually does not circulates  well in a free formed pool  and   even though it costs the same to build a free formed pool  or  rectangular pool , it is to complete  the pool project that costs more because installing a patio around a free formed pool requires a lot more cutting of stones and this leads in more labor more blades and use of a table saw as well as more waist of stones to create the shape desired  and if the contractor in not experienced and spends time to cut the stone clean and neat  it is  easer to get a bad job. If you have a free formed pool. The swimming pool coping will also cost more, because every stone on the coping as to be cut to fallow the shape of the pool and if you get a custom pool coping the price of the coping could be as much as the patio.

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