Wood/Gas Fired Pizza Ovens

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Brick Oven Models Wood & Gas Combo Built By Gappsi

The Amalfi Oven

The Napolitano Oven

The Sorrento Oven

The Vesuvio Oven

The Pizza & Grill Oven

The Mediterranio Oven



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The Sorrento Biscuit (Biscotto Di Sorrento)

A Sorrentine And Neapolitan Tradition

* Authentic Made In Italy * Over 300 Years Of Artisan Quality

About Gappsi wood and Gas fired brick ovens

A tradition Originating in the Sorrento Peninsula, in southern Italy. The product is a type of masonry brick called “Biscotto di Sorrento”. A unique product dating back to the 15th century and famed for its use as the base of the most prestigious wood fired pizza ovens.

Gappsi uses one of Sorrento’s oldest and only manufacturers of Biscotto di Sorrento currently operating and exclusively building Gappsi ovens. Artisans Master oven builders produce high quality products, custom wood fired ovens made with the famous bricks“Biscotto di Sorrento”following an ancient tradition and practice.

Wood/Gas Fired Pizza Ovens
Wood/Gas Fired Pizza Ovens

Only 60 years ago there used to be seven biscotto di Sorrento producers, providing employment to dozens of families, making it one of the most productive sectors in Italy. Today, the bricks and oven bases (Biscotto di Sorrento) that are produced by the craftsmen of Gappsi ovens, are used to build Gappsi wood fired ovens for bakeries and pizzerias. Our bricks and Biscotto di Sorrento can be found in every continent, in over 100 countries. Each year our artisan generates thousands of bricks for the construction of woodfired ovens, both in Italy and the USA.

Why Gappsi Biscotto di Sorrento?

The Clay is rich soil with volcanic pumice and silicon, a particular characteristic beneath Sorrento’s famed citrus orchards. Porous – Biscotto di Sorrento is produced with very porous clay. An oven base needs to be porous to both warm up early and maintain the heat for a long time, releasing this heat evenly.

The difference between Biscotto di Sorrento and other types of brick materials on the market Is that it does not burn the bottom of a pizza, absorbing moisture from the dough.

Gappsi Artisan, strictly follows ancient tradition of manufacturing: After manual extraction, the clay is carefully mixed with water in grinders and mixers. The clay is then put into different wooden molds, depending on the product needed, bricks or oven bases.

These bricks are then dried naturally for about three days in molds, the second step of natural drying of 10 days in a stacked position. As soon as the bricks acquire a light grey color, they are ready to be stacked in the kiln, to dry for another seven days. Finally, the kiln’s opening is bricked and closed and the natural firing phase is carried out. This involves the continuous burning of wood for seven hours. After four days of baking, the bricks are ready and at this time, have acquired a natural red color.

Wood/Gas Fired Pizza Ovens
Gappsi Ovens can be Fired with wood or natural gas and propane burners utilizing the best in the industry and UL certified Avanzini Burners custom sized for each particular oven dimensions

All Gappsi brick ovens are encapsulated with the best expanded clay ( argilla espansa ) produced from the same biscotto di Sorrento clay used to make the bricks for the dome and the floor of the oven.
As Long-Island pizza ovens retailer supplier, we provide all aspects of Pizza ovens constructions, serving Nassau and Suffolk County NY. We service and build any wood burning brick built pizza ovens, in need of a new finish and we also build custom oven structures all over Long island, Gappsi expertise of wood burning ovens is a 400 years old tradition that started in Italy in the region of Campania in the Napoli area.

At Long-Island pizza ovens stores, we know how different Tactics of building high performance ovens are. Gappsi pizza ovens are manufactured in Italy, the process of building a best quality clay brick oven starts with the manufacturing of the actual clay bricks. Unique clay rich in minerals is found in the Sorrento area and is owned by the family that exclusively builds the ovens for Gappsi.

As Long-Island pizza ovens retailer supplier, and manufacturer we follow a long tradition of pizza oven builders that began with culture started generations ago. Gappsi clay bricks are manufactured from clay that is unique in the world and is known to not burn the pizza crust underneath if pizza gets overcooked. the entire oven is constructed with the same clay bricks including the floor and dome. a special fire cement is used to bund the bricks together, and very little space or almost none is exposed in the inside of the pizza oven, this will result in a very long lasting structure due to the oven interior surface almost completely covered with clay bricks

As Long-Island pizza ovens retailer our expertise extends in the full design and construction of many styles and models of pizza oven models. From Napolitano to Sorrento style with many options of both electronic gas burners, and wood combination and personalized custom tiles on the outside finish of the pizza ovens, you can choose your personal picture of family members and photos and Gappsi will custom hand paint them on the ceramic tiles

As a professional Long-Island pizza ovens retailer store showroom company we display our ovens for you to view and test, we offer at home training and also showroom events, where we demonstrate how to use the Gappsi pizza ovens while cooking many types of dishes of Italian cuisine and others.

As professional Long-Island pizza ovens retailer store showroom company we display our ovens for you to view and test, we offer at home training and also showroom events, where we demonstrate how to use the Gappsi pizza ovens while cooking many types of dishes of Italian cuisine and other

As a complete Long-Island pizza ovens of Italian pizza ovens we provide great services for pizza ovens, from complete ready to use units to custom built indoor and outdoor custom built on site, we can incorporate all other outdoor cooking elements in your outdoor kitchen. Gappsi pizza ovens come in different sizes and models, from countertops units that can be finished in stone veneers and ceramic tiles and stucco in any colors and finish you desire.

If you are looking for a Long-Island pizza ovens retailer, Gappsi is the place for you. Please visit our showroom display or visit our website and join our events list on line and sign up for a demonstration of our pizza ovens. A backyard is not complete without a Gappsi pizza oven. Among all our services backyard design and construction of outdoor cooking islands and kitchens along with great selection of appliances and other cooking devices. Gappsi ovens are the best in the world, manufactured of high quality materials and old-world craftsmanship.
We also supply custom built and personalized brick pizza ovens in the following areas of Eastern Long-Island - Western long-Island - North-Shore long-Island - South-Shore long-Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Glen Cove, Hempstead, North Hempstead, Oyster Bay, Babylon , Huntington, Islip, Smithtown, Brookhaven, Southampton, Riverhead, East Hampton, Southold, Old Brookville, Old Westbury, Mill Neck, Nissequogue, Lloyd Harbor, Muttontown, Coldspring Harbor, East ,Norwich and both Nassau and Suffolk County In addition Gappsi provides all the following products and services designing, Swimming pool, Home Remodeling, Sport Courts, Outdoor Appliances, Pavingstone Cleaning and Sealing, Holiday Lights, Epoxy Floors, Shrink Wrap Services, landscape, Masonry, natural stone, granite, marble, travertine, limestone, limestone, porcelain


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