By Giuseppe Abbrancati Geometrical swimming pools are more versatile and give a lot more freedom as far as designing. Many layouts can be achieved to compliment various styles of architecture and more functional swimming pools can be created. Straight, angled and curved lines are utilized in a geometrical shaped pool, from rectangular to asymmetrical to

By Giuseppe Abbrancaty Free formed swimming pools can be shaped in many sizes and styles,Every swimming pool company on long island calls their pools different names to market them selves. Some common names of free formed swimming pools are: kidney, Mountain Lake. Lagoon. Double lagoon, mountain pond, harbor cove etc.. But in the end a

By Giuseppe Abbrancati Swimming pool sizes are determined by the consumer’s necessity and household size. A big swimming pool is not always a good to have because it is more expensive to operate and maintain unless you have a specific reason to have a extra large sized pool. Whether it is because of a large family

B y Giuseppe Abbrancati Rectangular swimming pools are the most functional and most beautiful swimming pools. With a rectangular swimming pool you get the biggest shallow area for the kids to play. You also get the most for your deep end kids can jump dive and have plenty of room to swim and move around

By Giuseppe  Abbrancati  Nicolock is a manufacturer of high quality paving stones.Offering the largest selection of paving stone colors and shapes.Nicolock is a local manufacture, Nicolock paving stones manufactured on long island. New Nicolock paving stones are very good quality and are manufactured with the highest quality materials. Nicolock retaining walls are pin less wall

Gappsi of Smithtown is the center for flower pots and garden ornaments. We carry Hastings architectural and ornamental concrete products, Henry studio and our won line of natural stone garden ornaments from sand stone fountains, ornamental flower pots and urns.Gappsi incorporates many garden ornaments in our landscapes and water features. Our line includes: Ceramic flower

by Giuseppe Abbrancati Paving stones can be cleaned by pressured water, it is important that you use a high volume pressure washer approx 4 gallon per minute and 2500 PSI. If you use a high PSI pressure washer there could be a possibility that it would damage the pavers by wearing out the surface and

By Giuseppe Abbrancati Looking for outdoor lights designers, supplier and installers. You have come to the right place .Gappsi can design, supply and install your home improvement project from design to completion and guaranty your satisfaction. For more information about Gappsi products and services please visit our show room at 1015 west Jericho turnpike Smithtown

  By Giuseppe Abbrancati   Chapel Stone comes in two thicknesses 3” and 6” and four sizes and comes in three colors: Gray Blend, Tan Blend and Canyon Blend    Chapel Wall cap comes in 12×12 and three colors: Gray Blend, Tan Blend and Canyon Blend       Chapel Stone Radius comes in four random sizes and three colors: Gray

By Giusepp Abbrancati Hanover Pavers              Riven Prest Bricks come in five various sizes and four colors: Chestnut, Sahara, Gettysburg Grey and Canyon Blend              Olde Hanover Prest Bricks comes in one size and three colors: Quarry Red, Russet Blend and Terracotta              Serengeti Grande comes in four random sizes and three colors: Chocolate/Tan Blend,

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