Gunite Shooting for Swimming Pool after Rebars Installation Roslyn, Nassau County, Long Island NY

by / Saturday, 11 July 2015 / Published in pool

Gunite Swimming Pool Designers and Installation Company On Long Island

gunite roslynExcavation of this Gunite swimming pool in Roslyn, NY is started by marking up and laying out the pool according to town setbacks. We proceed with framing and establishing the pool shell’s rough height. Then the excavator will dig and shape the hole, preparing it for rebar installation. After the # 4 rebar is installed, creating a cage that outlines what will be the final shape of the Gunite swimming pool. The Gunite cement shell is installed by applying a mix of sand and Portland cement through a pump system which is pushed through a nozzle with the force of compressed air. As the cement comes out from the nozzle, water is sprayed simultaneously to create a bond between the sand and cement, forming the Gunite pool shell. In this particular pool, we also molded an autocover box on the deep end of the pool, and swim out bench  with the same Gunite cement process. On the shallow end of the pool steps were also shaped in Gunite expanding across the width of the pool. At this stage the Gunite pool shell will be left to cure for 28 days, and water will be sprayed on the concrete shell daily to help the shell petrify. Stub plumbing is installed through the Gunite walls for future connection of plumbing pipes. The skimmers are also placed in the pool before Gunite is sprayed, which encases them in concrete. Plumbing for the bottom drains, and pressure relief valve are placed in the floor, in case in the future the pool needs to be emptied and ground hydraulic pressure is under the pool due to high water tables. On top of the pool shell, along the length of the pool a groove is left in the shell for future installation of the Auto Cover track.  The pool shell was constructed 10″ wide for the wall and 8″ wide for the deep end bowl and shallow area floor.

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