How to Clean a Paving stone driveway or walkway with pressure.

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by Giuseppe Abbrancati

Paving stones can be cleaned by pressured water, it is important that you use a high volume pressure washer approx 4 gallon per minute and 2500 PSI. If you use a high PSI pressure washer there could be a possibility that it would damage the pavers by wearing out the surface and blowing out the fine particles of the paving stones face, not visible to the naked eye. This would damage the pavers and also will create a more textured surface of the paving stones, this will invite the dirt, dust and mildew to get trapped on the paving stones surface. For every time that you pressure wash your patio, driveway and walk way you will be making the problem worse. My suggestion is to use a hot water pressure washer that has a high volume of water and use a nozzle that does not restrict the water flow to much. You may want to avoid the use of chemicals because soaps and cleaners are not eco friendly. If your car leaks oil on you new paving stone driveway don’t panic, oil spots will not stay permanently on paving stones because they will weather away over time and will dry up in hot weather.Sealing your driveway could be very expensive and it could become a maintenance issue and also an expense that would not make much of a difference as far as making your pavers last longer or keeping them clean.You have come to the right place .Gappsi can design, supply and install your home improvement project from design to completion and guaranty your satisfaction. For more information about Gappsi products and services please visit our show room at 1015 west Jericho turnpike Smithtown New York 11787 or email us at or visit our web site at  long island

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