Indoor gunite swimming pool with auto cover built in Glenhead, Nassau County, Long Island NY

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Indoor swimming pool company for Glenhead, Nassau ounty, Long Island NY

This indoor gunite swimming pool with auto cover was built by Gappsi in Glenhead, Nassau County, Long Island NY. The pool walls were built with gunite shot in place that consisted of high density 4000 PSI sand and cement mix. In this particular pool the auto cover box was created as part of the pool shell. A walk out bench in the deep end and wedding cake corner steps to enter and exit the pool. Pool finish is made of a marble dust plaster which is a mix of marble dust sand and white cement. The top of the pool walls are finished with a 6″ pool tile border that goes around the perimeter of the pool below the coping. The wedding cake steps and walk out bench are also outlined with the pool tiles to create more definitive edges. First, the pool shell structure was built and then the ventilated room was built around it, and last the patio was finished inside the room. The marble dust was finished last. In this pool we used a Jandy aquapure salt water chlorine generator system, and cartridge filter. The automated pool cover was not necessary, because of the enclosed pool, but when the cover is closed it is useful to keep the water from evaporating into the room when the pool is not in use.

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