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Lawn & Garden Irrigation Services For Nassau & Suffolk County Long Island NY

Gappsi irrigation has developed and perfected installation techniques which specialize in being the most efficient and cost effective for Long Island and its myriad of compositions based on each individual home throughout the years. Using newly developed pipe-laying equipment homes can be installed within a few hours in most cases within the same day with minimal to unnoticeable signs of lawn splitting. Existing sidewalks, patios and driveways need not to be cut or broken to cross underneath with our boring equipment and air powered tools Gappsi is able to burrow through without compromising existing hardscape. On the contrary hand trenching around delicate areas for instance gardens and flower beds with fragile root structures is also of the utmost importance as well. Gappsi provides all necessary permits and applications required by local townships and water authority. Remember that Installed properly an irrigation system is not a luxury but a significant mechanism that saves time, maintains and increases the value of the property. Gappsi offer and provide multiple services both residential and commercial including; Spring Start up: Survey and test entire system, Re-energizing lines and adjusting sprinkler heads and timer settings, includes time to refresh and review with homeowner basic operation of system interface. Routine inspections for changing of season require adjustments to watering times and frequencies as well as check for any leaks on lines and manifolds. Winterization and Blowouts: An important and crucial process to ensure all systems are protected from extensive damage due to expanding excess water that can lead to blown lines and burnt out manifolds. Protecting your investment by completing the winterization for a burden free start up in the spring. Backflow test: Required by local water companies to ensure the backflow device is operating properly. Once established Gappsi provides all filing with the water district. Repairs and Renovations. Updating or changing your landscape or hardscape will need to rearrange your current system. Gappsi Irrigation will work in tandem with other contractors to ensure proper coverage and rerouting of existing lines to accommodate changes.

Irrigation Portfolio

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