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Gappsi provides long islanders installation services for all out door home improvements.
We are a deck and patio installation company, we have all the tools and equipment and personal to tackle any job-no job is too big or too small. We have trucks to move material and to delivery all supplies and equipment to our job sites. Our landscape construction services include excavation and ground preparation to build our natural stone walls. We prepare the footings with RCA recycled concrete aggregate we install boulders and Pennsylvania dry stacked wall stone we position big rocks with our Takahachi excavator and we move all topsoil to make the final grading with our Takahachi track machine. We mix the topsoil with sand to create the perfect mix for the future lawn to grow healthy whether it is seeding or sod. We make sure that there is good drainage and the property is perfectly sloped. Drainage is very important when a property is landscaped, for plants flowers, grass and trees to root and grow. A drainage system is installed with drywells and drainage pipes to collect excess water and expedite it into a drywell or to the street. PVC or black perforated pipes are used along with catch basins positioned throughout the property. Water is always directed away from the house or pool, drainage is very important for a long-lasting and healthy landscape.
Irrigation system is very important at Gappsi we understand and know that the irrigating of plant material has to be balanced and in accordance to the specifics of the plant material also the right amount of water has to be allowed for the planting material and grass to grow properly. We install spy heads, rotary heads, soaker hoses and mister heads Rolando Adomovicz is a perfectionist he creates the best landscapes with the perfect balance for maintenance free landscape construction. Gappsi personal work together to create the best installation results of planting material. Selection is also the key to successful landscape installation choosing the right size plants and also the healthiest plants and trees. Fertilizing the planting material is also very important, Gappsi personal is qualified and certified to properly take care of your landscape investment. Here at Gappsi we are also fence installers.
We will install the fencing around your property as a courtesy so you don’t have to hire another contractor, we also will custom make your fence to make sure that it will fit the surroundings whether it has to fit with the masonry work or the plantings on your property. We buy all our fence materials from eastern fence, tamco fence, and Wayside fence. Home Depot and Lowes offer a lower grade fence but also less expensive if you want to save money. We install our landscapes at a good price, we can make your landscape very affordable we are very organized and we can get the job done very fast so our costumers don’t have to spend lots of money but still get high quality landscaping. Our installation construction team is dedicated to installing landscape jobs every day. We also maintain and guaranty all our landscapes. We are dedicated to keeping our costumers happy for years to come.
Gappsi landscape construction division personall care for the growth and reputation of the company and they accomplish that by making all Gappsi landscape clients happy.

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