Large Or Small Sizes Travertine Pavers Long Island-6×12-Mix Set-Opus Romano Pattern-Versailles Layout-Gappsi

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By Giuseppe Abbrancati

Swimming pool with auto cover and travertine patio and travertine coping  in Bethpage NY 

Good morning; I just wanted to make sure you were coming by today to go over the patio design. My lines are gone from the rain and just want 2 make sure what I’m telling them is what we discussed and what looks right…


I am on the way there I should be there in 30 minutes


Did u say that the walkway was only 350sf?? So by doing the small stone I am only saving 700 dollars, right?? In your opinion, for the money is it worth saving the money or will it astatically look better all big? Since I am so good at spending my husbands money, do u have enough mocha 1700sq in the large ones to do the entire thing big?? I know there’s no border and that’s fine I just don’t think for the 700.00 saving its worth doing partial!! That is my final answer so long as you have enough. 

Am I making u crazy yet?? Just let me know if you have enough big ones please 😉 

Just wanted 2 make sure u got my email from about 30 minutes after u left saying that if possible do the WHOLE patio in big tile. We thought it was a lot more sq and I was trying to save scott some money. Since its only 700 less we would like the whole patio in big tiles if possible. Can u let me know if u got it and if u have enough and ok to do…? 

hello Courtney it’s fine if you want all the big tiles let me know ,we have enough. 

Yes yes please!!!  ALL big I mentioned to Ricardo already and I think he said he was going to call you…  I’m sorry to be a pain I just want to make sure I do it right and to save a couple hundred dollars only by doing the small on the walkway just doesn’t ma problem. 

make sense..   The bigger has such a better impact.  

The stone just got delivered and I am not sure what is here so you may want to check.  I told them before taking off the truck so I hope I am not causing any trouble 

don’t worrie

not a big deal I might have to make you partner in my blogs 

Ill be your partner and Ill still let you call it GAPPSI 🙂  Thanks for all your help…

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