Basic Information About Limestone Pavers & Veneers

About Limestone Pavers and Veneers Limestone is a general geologic term to describe many products and type of natural stones. Lime is a residue of calcium carbonate that was collected at the bottom of the ocean over millions of years. The pressure from the above sea water created a petrified solid rock hundreds of feet high. The accumulation of limestone came from calcite, a mineral that was in the soil. Limestone rocks have been essential in the everyday products used in different fields of work. Portland cement for example, is used to make concrete for the construction industry. In farming, limestone is made into powder and used as a soil conditioner, also used as natural rocks to decorate gardens. And in the paint industry, limestone is used to make tooth paste. Lime stone has a variety of uses besides being processed and cut into slabs tiles, copings, and wall veneers. Many limestone pavers and veneers are very unique due to the fossils showing on their surface, fossils that got trapped in the limestone buildup over the millions of years. One particular limestone exclusively imported by Gappsi has seashells exposed on its surface finish with a flamed and tumbled texture. You will be able to view the “Scogli Di Mare” limestone pavers and veneers by visiting the Gappsi showroom. We also have polished slabs and random size pool coping in this material. There are many grades of limestone. Some are more of a solid body structure that can be produced in pavers and tiles and can be finished in a polished surface, flamed and tumbled, sandblasted, brushed, or honed matte finish. Others grades might not be good to apply a flamed finish but can be produced in natural cleft and rock faced. Limestone has been used to make street pavers, benches, fountains, and many other household objects. Limestone is a medium-hard body structure, and very durable to weathering and time. It is ideal for high vehicle-traffic areas and pedestrian areas such as patios, pool areas, coping, and wall veneers. Limestone pavers and veneers also offer a wide range of natural color variations including gray and blue tones, rich burgundies, beige, blacks, silvers, and gold. Limestone products are available in several stone flooring and cladding formats, indoor tumbled tiles, moldings, mosaics, and inserts. Limestone is manufactured and installed in multi-size pattern or random free-formed flagging, with random length pavers. The best installation practice for limestone pavers and veneers is generally to be installed on a clean, washed sand, over a compacted aggregate base (or poured concrete base for outdoor use.) Indoor tile and veneers are installed with thin-set or mortar applied on walls or on a mud base for floors. Polymeric sand is mostly used for outdoor installation to fill the spaces between the paver joints, and grout for tiles installed indoors. If you are looking for limestone pavers and veneers on Long Island NY, Gappsi supplies and installs limestone pavers and veneers throughout Nassau and Suffolk County. Our showroom is located at 1015 W Jericho Turnpike in Smithtown where you can view our limestone pavers and veneers on display. Whether you are looking to replace an old paver walkway or patio, or start a new installation, you will find limestone pavers to fit your style. Gappsi also provides outdoor design ideas with 2-D and 3-D concepts. You can also visit our website at to learn more about all other Gappsi natural stone products.

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