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Long Island Basement Remodeling, Finishing, Design and Renovation

basementGappsi is the premier Long Island basement remodeling and finishing contractors in New York.

Providing over 25 years of service on Long Island, our basement remodeling contractors can help with basement ideas, flooring, waterproofing, insulation, complete remodeling and renovations, basement designs and more.

Do you want a basement that becomes part of the rest of your home? A space that becomes the entire family’s favorite place to spend time together? If you are looking for a truly remarkable finished basement, then call Gappsi today so we can help walk you through our basement design and finishing process.

Award winning basement design and remodeling company on Long Island NY, Gappsi can help create the basement design you always wanted. From basement remodel ideas, solutions and finishing systems call Gappsi today at (631) 543-1177.

Long Island NY Basement Remodeling and Finishing Contractors - Basement Makeover and Design Experts

Tips Before Beginning a Basement Remodel on Long Island

Don't Begin Construction Until The Basement Is Dry: Before beginning, be sure not to have any water issue in the basement. Inspecting exterior as well as interior basement walls is a must. Make sure the ground is sloped away from the foundation.

Check Local Code: Before starting construction, be sure to get a permit if required. A basement remodeling contractor can help find out the requirements on your behalf.

Be Sure Furring Is Installed: Installing furring strips in your basement before adding walls to keep moisture on foundation from coming in contact with your new walls.

Vapor Barrier First: Vapor barrier is a must prior to installing the final wall of your basement. This will ensure moisture from coming in contact with any drywall.

Choose Lighting: Choosing the basement lighting is not only important for visual reasons, but also for planning purposes. Electrical and ceiling plans must be in place to accommodate you lighting requirements.

Heating: What will you use for heat. The most popular form is adding baseboards to your basement. Be sure to use one with enough power to warm your basement.

Leave Laundry and Furnace Room Unfinished: Save money by leaving these areas unfinished. Be sure there is no code for this prior to making a final decision.

Raise Ground Before Laying Floor: Installing vapor barrier first can help ensure your floor keeps moisture free.

Gappsi is the premier basement remodeling contractor on Long Island for over 25 years. Specializing in new finished basements and basement remodeling.


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