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Pavers for long island climate.
Due to the type of climates that we have on Long Island, where the summers are very hot and humid and the winters are cold with lots of snow and temperatures staying below 0 for some time during the winter months. Pavers are probably the best solution for all pedestrian, commercial and industrial paving needs. Pavers are made or produced from different types of materials such as manufactured concrete pavers, asphalt pavers, clay pavers as well as composite materials. There are also Natural Stone pavers such as Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone, Bluestone, Granite etc…..
Each type of material used to produce the pavers has a purpose and each material is sutble for different applications whether it is for strength, looks, ecological, environmental, etc… Mostly strength is required in pavers for vehicular applications such as driveways and parking areas, manufactured concrete pavers are very strong and are also cost effective. They can be manufactured in many colors and shapes and can also be designed for drainage purposes to prevent water runoff and make them environmentally safe and ecologically friendly. There are many manufactures of Paving stones all over the US, Nicolock Paving stones is a local manufacturer and is located her on Long Island they produce all types of concrete products such as pavers, retaining walls, balusters and eco friendly or permeable pavers, which allow water to drain into the ground without creating run off. This is achieved with the spaces that are left between pavers due to their special designs and/or patterns. The look of pavers is very vast due to the flexibility of the raw material. Concrete that can be molded into any shape, size or color has no boundaries due to the sophistication of color pigments, Bayers and Davis Colors are the largest producers and suppliers of concrete coloring products. Other popular paving stone brands used on long island are: Cambridge pavers – Unilock pre-cast conrete – Grinnell concrete paving stones – Hanover architectural products – Hanchor concrete products – tacho-block pavers – capitol concrete ….etc.

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