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Natural Swimming Pools Designers and Building Company

Biotop is the industry innovator for swimming pools - the inventors of the Natural Pool design and purification system. The system is a 100% chemical free, natural alternative to the traditional chemical treated swimming pool. This concept may be a surprise to you but these natural pools have been enjoyed everywhere in the world except North America, until recently. Americans have been trained to believe that these harsh chemicals make the water safe to swim in because they are crystal clear and sparkling. The reality is that these chemicals are toxic. They create sterilized water by killing everything and anything that is in it, including you, your kids, your loved ones! That's why the water of a chemically treated pool burns your eyes, dries your skin, colors your hair, and causes respiratory issues. On the other hand, if there is no chlorine or any other chemical present in the water, what is cleaning it? The answer quite simply is "Nature.” Biotop has developed multiple products, techniques, and experience in the industry for over 30 years and as a result have developed two proven systems. One being the "Natural Pool" which consists of specific aquatic plants, soils, and microorganisms, and uses their natural ability to clean the water safely. This option offers you a true experience of swimming in a lake. The second system is called the "Living Pool,” which cleans the water, but without the use of plants or soils. The amazing water quality is achieved with our modular filter systems that create a perfect environment for microorganisms to thrive in. It also makes for a simple conversion of any existing pool to a Biotop pool. The Living Pool is the perfect solution for those who want the traditional looks of a pool with the all the Biotop benefits.

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