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Natural Stones & Porcelain VS Concrete Pavers Maintenance

Gappsi stones might be a little more expensive to buy, but will require no maintenance and come with a lifetime guarantee on weathering, wearing or color changing, all manufactured concrete pavingstones and products will require to be sealed every 3 years if you want the colors to look good and prevent them from weathering, and to seal pavers and you the customer be happy with the results, will cost between $2,00 and $3,00 per SQ FT every time you have them sealed. You are better off investing a little more at beginning and buy Gappsi products for a life time of quality.

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The Differences Among Gunite, Vinyl And Fiberglass Pools


Construction of a Gunite Swimming pool is more expensive than a vinyl pool, not because it's a better pool, but simply because the material used in a gunite pool costs more. To create the gunite shell, a special cement mix is used. The average cost of this cement is double the cost of cement used to pour a concrete wall and it also would take double the amount of gunite cement to build the same size pool. This makes the cost of the gunite cement to be 4 times higher than poured concrete. It is applied with compressed air that is sprayed and makes the body structure of the wall very dense and solid, this requires more cement. A gunite shell has to be strong enough to withstand freeze and thaw temperatures. The finish plaster coating of the gunite pool is then directly applied on the concrete shell. If the gunite shell is not done correctly, with the right amount of cement and wall thickness, it will crack and the finish will crack with it. This will result in water leaks and will also not be aesthetically pleasing. Besides the cement, the rebar reinforcement installed in a gunite pool is expensive. ½ inch rebars have to be installed in a mesh pattern 12 inches on center throughout the pool shell.

One of the major advantages of a gunite pool is Customization. A gunite pool can be shaped in any custom design, like having a grotto part of the pool or a spa elevated from the water. Also there are many options with the finish of the gunite pool that you can choose from, includings simple white or gray marble dust, to next step diamond brite a combination of quartz dust or a stone pebble finish, or glass beads finish. You can even tile the entire pool, which would then double and triple the price. Lastly, maintenance on a gunite pool is higher due to the water being contained within the concrete shell. Gunite pools are also chosen as status and used in more expensive homes and neighborhoods, and it is also the oldest way of pool construction.

Vinyl Pools with Concrete Wall Benefits

Gappsi Construction of standard vinyl swimming pools starts with a high quality 10 inch thick concrete wall with rebar reinforcement. We own our own molds and can create many different shapes and sizes of swimming pools from symmetrical rectangles to curved free-forms. We install an Aluminum liner track on top of the concrete wall to attach the liner to, a cement base for the pool floor to prevent foot prints, ¼ inch foam on walls, and steps and benches. Our standard liner consists of 28 mil on walls to prevent sagging, textured 28 mil on steps and benches to make it slip resistant, and 20 mil on pool floors to allow the liner to stretch better in the pool floor angles. Wear and tear on liners is not any better if the liner is thicker, and the ultimate finish of the liner is paint that will wear the same, no matter the thickness.

Liners come with a 20 year rated warranty and they could last as long as 30 years. Vinyl pools are very comfortable to walk on and also water requires less maintenance since it is contained within the vinyl liner. For the pool plumbing we use a combination of poly pipes and PVC all 2 inch diameter for the best water flow. We use black poly pipes because they can be bent and curved, avoiding the use of the elbow which maximizes the water flow resulting in less work for the pump and the use of electricity to run. Poly pipes are also termite-resistant, and we use a straight run from skimmers to the equipment with no connections buried underground; this minimizes the potential for leaks. All connections in pool walls and at the equipment and lines coming out of the ground are done with 2 inch PVC pipes are resistant to termites and make tight clean connections between equipment.

True Custom Vinyl Pool Construction And Benefits

Gappsi's expertise in pool building can help you create a true custom vinyl pool shape. We can build the swimming pool to your desired shape and design and to any depth in the shallow and deep end, along with any custom benches, sundecks, or standing ledges. This technique has many advantages besides the freedom of shapes. In a small backyard, or if the pool is built up against an existing structure, there is no need to overdig the hole. The only excavation needed is exactly the pool size.

Fiberglass Pool Construction And Benefits

The benefits of a fiberglass pool are the finish and pool texture is perfect, it gets finished in a factory and it gets delivered on jobsites and installed with a crane or an excavator. The down fault of a fiberglass pool are limitations of sizes and delivery on job sites could be difficult sometimes or impassible. Also many consumers think that it's a less expensive pool but its not in many cases it's more expensive than vinyl and even a gunite. Besides the shell everything else from plumbing to equipment is the same as any other pools.

Swimming Pools Plumbing and Hydraulics

For the pool plumbing whether is a gunite, vinyl or fiberglass, we use a combination of poly pipes and PVC all 2 inch diameter for the best water flow. We use black poly pipes because they can be bent and curved, avoiding the use of the elbow which maximizes the water flow resulting in less work for the pump and the use of electricity to run. Poly pipes are also termite-resistant, and we use a straight run from skimmers to the equipment with no connections buried underground; this minimizes the potential for leaks. All connections in pool walls and at the equipment and lines coming out of the ground are done with 2 inch PVC pipes are resistant to termites and make tight clean connections between equipment.

Gunite Pool Construction

Gappsi Vinyl Pool Construction

Fiberglass Pool Installation


Gappsi has been installing safety auto covers on Long Island for over 20 years. Besides being installers, we are very strong believers that with this type of weather we have on Long Island, every pool should have an auto covers. We don't promote auto covers because of the profit; we make them because of the long list of happy customers we have that invested in auto covers for their pools. Installing an auto cover is a large initial expense, but you save the money over time in many different ways.

1. An auto cover is a safety feature that will protect your family and pets without the need of installing a fence around the pool for your protection. You will just need to fence the property as per town code. If you would have to install a separate fence around your pool for the purpose of protecting yourself and kids, that would be an extra expense to install but it also will lead to a separate fenced pool area. This will result in increasing the size of your patio just because it's his own area. With an auto cover, your pool can be built closer to the house, tying the pool and house patio into one area. This will cut back on the amount of money you would pay for the patio.

2. An autocover is also a solar cover. It keeps the water temperature 10 to 15 degrees hotter than the temperature of the air at a given time.

3. For a pool that has no spa built inside the pool the autocover replaces the mesh winter cover. This not only saves you money in buying the mesh cover, but also makes the pool look nice and clean in the wintertime too. You also don't have to deal with the mesh cover straps pulling the patio stones out of the ground and you will not experience patio discoloration during the winter months where the mesh cover would overlap the patio. The patio pavers will weather differently making it a clear visible print of the mesh cover overlapping the patio.

4. An auto cover will extend your season. You will be able to open the pool from May 1st and close it in November and if the weather is hot you can use the pool anytime. The auto cover is made to be opened every time you use the pool and close when you are done using. If you have a heater, the heater will work minimally because the autocover retains the heat. This will translate into a small amount of fuel cost to heat up the pool.

5. An autocover will keep the maintenance to a minimum. It comes with a small pump that you will drop on top of the cover everytime it rains. The cover will collect the rainy water preventing it from contacting the pool water and diluting the chemical and water chemistry. You will eliminate the job of going and pumping excess water out of the pool and rebalancing salt and chemicals every time that it rains, or vacuuming and cleaning the dirt and leaves that fall in the pool on a daily basis. You will have more time to use the pool. The other option would be having a weekly maintenance program with a pool guy resulting in another expense with the pool.

6. Having an auto cover will prevent mice, frogs, and any other animals that wander around your backyard from falling into the pool.

7. An auto cover has a greater resale value then the pool itself. A new homeowner will love the idea of having a safe pool more than what shape the pool is.

8. Many ask about the maintenance of the cover and if it gives them problems. In my 28 years dealing with pool auto covers, I have never had a customer that was unhappy with the decision they made of installing an autocover. Most people that had the auto cover installed have always praised it. The cover needs some adjustments from time to time, but I have had customers that never adjusted the cover and that is because they followed the instructions we gave them of not opening the cover with water on it. The cover has very simple mechanisms with its motor, pulleys, ropes, and fabric. I have never replaced a motor. We replaced ropes when people abused the cover (opening it with lots of water on it before pumping the water out). The actual fabric lasts between 10 and 15 years but the cost of replacing the fabric is equal to the cost of replacing the mesh cover anyway.

Auto-cover Opening And Closing Demonstration

Just a safety demo, not intended to play on


The construction and installation of an auto-cover on new pools or on old pool being remodeled is the same, it consists of building a box on one end of the pool for the auto-cover roll to be installed under the patio, tracks on the top of the pool walls, and removal brackets installed in the cover box to cantilever over the cover roller and support the coping stones that cover it. The stone pieces sitting on the brackets over the cover are meant to be removable for future servicing of the cover and to be sturdy enough to walk on them as part of the patio.

Autocover Installation On A Free-form Swimming Pools

Gappsi has built several free form pools and has installed safety auto-cover on them for clients that wanted a custom shaped pool and also liked the idea of a safety auto cover. The only downfall to this , the cover will get to be more costly


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Badu Swim Jet

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Badu Swim Jet

With every signed contract, Gappsi provides a free full 3D design. Created by well experienced craftsmen and designers

Gappsi Masons craftsmen and personnel have been working with gappsi for over 20 years and learned from Giuseppe. And they take pride in what they do, we receive nothing but complements from all our customers.

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Giuseppe Abbrancati


Giuseppe Abbrancati has been working in the family construction business in Italy since the age of 7. At 16, he moved to Milan, Italy where he worked with a construction Company until the age of 20. He then immigrated to Long Island, NY and by the age of 21, he had already started his own business under the name Gappsi in 1987. Gappsi Inc has grown over the past 33 years. Today, we specialize in Importing the most unique natural stone pavers, building custom gunite and vinyl pools, landscaping, masonry, home remodeling, patio restoration/cleaning and sealing, sport courts, synthetic grass, outdoor appliances and more! Each division is headed by talented and well experienced personnel who will help you make the right decisions by providing you with professional suggestions, functional design ideas, and high-quality finished products.
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Greg Gauger

Designer For Home Remodeling & Masonry

Greg Gauger was born in Grajewo, Poland. As a young boy, Greg attended public schools until the age of 14. In 1993, he moved to the United States and continued his education to graduate from West Babylon High School. He had many jobs while going to school, but by the time he finished high school, he had a control of his own construction business. He primarily dealt with private home remodeling work, both interior and exterior. In 2014, Greg joined Gappsi and is in charge of the home remodeling and masonry division. His duties include designing and estimating, Greg is a dedicated husband and father of three children. He is well-experienced and knowledgeable and our customers compliment his services.

Martin Okonowicz

Designer on site construction coordinator

Martin Okonowicz was born in Elk, Poland. Martin worked in various construction companies while he attended college. In 2005, he moved to the United States and continued his adventure with construction. He primarily dealt with residential new construction and private home remodeling, both interior and exterior. In 2016, Martin joined Gappsi and is in charge of home remodeling as an on side coordinator. Martin is a dedicated husband and father of two children. He is well-experienced and knowledgeable and our customers compliment his services.
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Tosh Kazdal

East West Pools and Spas, Gappsi Swimming Pool Division

Tosh Kazdal was born in Ankara, Turkey. As a teenager, he attended public schools and worked in his spare time to support himself while attended college. Tosh graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Economy, and at the age of 27 he moved to the United States. He worked in a mechanic shop for two years while going to night school to learn the English language. He then worked with a pool company and quickly learned every aspect of the business - from pool construction to water chemistry. Today, Tosh has over 25 years of experience in the pool business Tosh is a dedicated husband and father of three children. Our customers compliment his knowledge, patience, and professionalism.
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Joe Sorrenti

Designer Landscaping and Masonry

Joe Sorrenti was born in Brooklyn, NY. At the age of 15, he started working in the landscape industry at a garden center nursery in Holtsville where he installed plants all throughout Long Island. Joe then went on to working for a national based lawn care company, as a territory manager, who was responsible for all aspects of lawn care. Soon after in 1997, Joe started a lawn care fertilization company. In 2000, Joe owned a garden center in Ronkonkoma where in addition to supplying materials, Joe did design & installations as well. Joe’s experience in the landscaping and lawn care field has resulted in creations of beautifully designed landscaping projects over the last 35 years. He is a true expert in landscaping and has great knowledge of plants and flowers. Our customers compliment his workmanship and vision.
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Jeff Jimenez

Designer Of Sport Courts & Cleaning and Sealing Manager

Jeff Jimenez was born in Manhattan, NY. He is the youngest of six children. As a child, he attended public school, played baseball, and spent a good amount of his free time working. In his adult career, he has only had two jobs, in which he built himself up the ranks of his companies. He joined Gappsi in 2011, and in a very short time, he mastered the processes of cleaning and sealing patios, and the construction/sales of sport courts. Jeff is very dedicated, knowledgeable, professional among his interactions with customers, and well-respected from the employees that he supervises. He is a dedicated husband and father of two children.
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Abner Lobo

Showroom Customers Assistant and Products Sale

Abner Lobo was born in Honduras and in 1998 came to Long Island, NY For a better opportunity at life and became an american citizen in 2007. He attended Brentwood public schools, graduating from Brentwood High School in 2011. He then went on to attend Suffolk Community College and graduated in 2015 with an associates degree in liberal Arts and Science. Shortly after graduating, he got introduced to the Construction field and fell in love with the Art and the craft that came with making any construction projects come to life.
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Emanuele Abbrancati

Showroom Customers Assistant and Products Sale

Emanuele Abbrancati was born and raised on Long Island, NY and attended Hauppauge public schools, graduating from Hauppauge High School in 2011. He then went on to attend Providence College and graduated in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Public and Community Service Studies. Shortly after graduating, he was hired at Success Academy Harlem Central Middle School in New York City as a Community Relations Coordinator for 2 years. In the summer of 2017, Emanuele returned home to help manage the Gappsi showroom.

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