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Patio Cleaning & Sealing

Gappsi is recognized as one of the most innovative company in the USA . For designing and installing the most recognizable award winning masonry and paving stone installation in the past 20 years. After many years of pool decks, patios. And driveways installations our customers have been asking for solution to clean their outdoor pavements. Gappsi has attempt to clean and restore old patios installation but with no success, until now. Gappsi has recognized the need for a change to clean and bring back to life the colors and to preserve the structural integrity of our client’s outdoor floors. Gappsi has worked to find and select the right product for you. Through our fellow industry associate sealer professional and experienced chemists that through years of research and on-the-job testing, created this amazing product for Gappsi. The result is a system that rejuvenates the beauty of your pavement surface, and provides lasting protection of your investment. You chose the best pavement system for your property outdoor floors; now trust the professionals at Gappsi to maintain it beautiful. The Gappsi sealing products are water based with low volatile organic compound ( VOC) content as an alternative to solvent – based products, has generated a new technology – environmentally and Eco-friendly . The Gappsi outdoor pavement rejuvenating preserving is all in one day process. This system allows you to ones again enjoy your hardscape project without substantial dry times associate with other sealing products. Additionally Gappsi sealing products are not harmful to the environment and do not emit harmful odors. Gappsi provides you with a product that is environmentally safe Won’t harm pets or plants.

Patio Cleaning & Sealing Portfolio

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