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Patio & Driveway Repair Company Servicing Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.

Patio & Driveway Repair Company Servicing Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island, NY

Patio Repair Cleaning & Sealing Company on Long Island Looking to repair your driveway, steps or patio? Gappsi provides masonry repair services for both Nassau & Suffolk County on Long Island. Gappsi offers free estimates on all repair work including loose swimming pool coping, uneven patios, along with cleaning & sealing of old and new paving stone installations around swimming pools, driveways, front walkways, and steps. Due to the severe weather in Suffolk & Nassau County on Long Island, outdoor flooring is subject to movement caused by ground freezing and thawing. We also provide pressure washing and re-sanding of pavers and joints, utilizing polymeric sand. Whether your paving stones are Cambridge, Techo-bloc, Nicolock, Unilock or any other brand, they are all manufactured from concrete and prone to weathering and wear, thus need surface protection. Gappsi’s urethane water based sealer provides a high protective coating for your paving stone surfaces for many years to come. The sealer also hardens the sand between paver joints, preventing ants from digging through your patio joints, and slowing the growth of weeds. Gappsi’s water based sealer is also environmentally safe and will not harm plants or pets, and adds vibrancy to your paving stone’s colors. You can chose from high gloss paver sealer or a matte finish. Please contact us for your next repair or cleaning & sealing needs at


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