56 Pizza Oven

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Our commercial wood-fired pizza oven is the most popular size in the USA. It’s energy-efficient and exceptionally cost-effective, retaining heat for an extended period. Assembly is easy and done in a matter of 3 or 4 hours, on a base of your choice. We sell stands, vents, and accessories.

Includes a dense refractory dome, 2 1/2″ thick floor, 6″ ceramic blanket insulation, 4″ of ceramic board insulation, high-heat mortar, steel door, an infrared thermometer.

Price- $7420


Weight 2400 lbs.
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 36 in
Pizza Capacity

Outside Dimensions
62.5″ x 69″

Cooking Surface
56″ x 53.25″

Floor Thickness

Dome Thickness

Ceramic Blanket Thickness

Ceramic Board Thickness
4″ sides, 6″ top

Door Opening
22.5″ wide x 11″ high

Internal Height

Weight of Oven
2400 lbs.

Approximate Heating Time
90 to 120 minutes

Vent Internal Diameter

Shipping Crate Dimensions
48″ x 40″ x 36″ each (2 crates are required to deliver our commercial oven)

Fuel Type
E1 Automatic Natural Gas Burner, E1 Automatic Propane Gas Burner, E2 Automatic Natural Gas Burner, E2 Automatic Propane Gas Burner, E3 Automatic Natural Gas Burner, E3 Automatic Propane Gas Burner, M0 Manual Natural Gas Burner Long Version, M0 Manual Natural Gas Burner Short Version, M0 Manual Propane Gas Burner Long Version, M0 Manual Propane Gas Burner Short Version, M1 Manual Natural Gas Burner, M1 Manual Propane Gas Burner, M2 Manual Natural Gas Gas Burner, M2 Manual Propane Gas Gas Burner, Wood