Brock Foam Power Base


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Powerbase YSR™ is made from expanded polypropylene, one of the most durable polymers on earth. Each panel is molded individually, allowing precise quality control. This results in a field that is perfectly flat and totally consistent underfoot.  It is also infinitely recyclable without ever losing performance. A good artificial sports surface is tuned for the athlete. Powerbase YSR was engineered for schools and recreational fields.

Powerbase PLAY™ is manufactured in an iso-certified facility, will not decay or degrade over time, and is resistant to bacteria, fungi, and chemicals.

The quality and performance of Powerbase PLAY don’t change with time, so years of reliable safety are guaranteed. In fact, Brock offers a 10-Year Warranty on all its Powerbase PLAY products. That’s serious peace of mind for the installer and owner.

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