2.5 Gallon Concrete Sealer X-3


Professional grade efflorescence and stain remover.


Concrete Sealer X-3 is a water-based special blend of polysiloxanes/silanes which crosslink below the surface of the concrete. This makes the concrete surface water and stain-repellent allowing the removal of spills more easily. Application of the sealer is either alone or on top of Concrete Sealer X-1 or Concrete Sealer X-2. This will provide double protection of the concrete with both deep sealing and a repellent finish.

Concrete Sealer X-3 is for all types of decorative and stained concrete pavers, concrete aggregate driveways and concrete walkways, bricks, clay tiles, mortar, grout and any natural stones. Use this sealer for above-grade plaster and stucco to provide a breathable barrier against water, stains and acids. The sealer will also seal swimming pools and fish ponds to prevent water from escaping through the concrete capillaries and pores.

It is also used in dog kennels and agricultural institutions to provide stain resistance which assists in the maintenance of these enclosures. This concrete sealer leaves an invisible or natural finish (no sheen) after application and the surface will not be slippery.

Concrete Sealer X-3 has also been proven as an effective anti-graffiti barrier. It prevents paints, aerosols and crayons from adhering to the wall and allowing easy removal if they do.

Concrete Sealer X-3 is perfect for use in concrete ponds, swimming pools, holding tanks and water features.

This sealer is a ready-to-use sealer and does not require the addition of an activator. This means that it does not have a limited pot life unlike some competitive sealers and it has a shelf life of at least 6 months.