Dreamy Synthetic Turf

Dreamy is the synthetic grass for gardens for a perfect and flawless continental lawn effect. The collection is inspired by real meadows found in nature and therefore stands out for its ultra-real look and intense color.

With  Dreamy, your garden stays green and well cared for 365 days a year. The merit of natural shades and innovative materials studied and worked in detail.

Dreamy synthetic grass is made up of very thin double filaments: the two-tone spring green and beige low filament gives softness and consistency to the surface. It has a textured structure and curled shape and is made of polypropylene. The high thread is also two-tone, olive green and lime green, is made of polyethylene, and has a monofilament structure with a flat shape. The effect is the uniform and painstaking one of a freshly cut English lawn. The lawn of dreams is always tidy and never fades.

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As in a natural lawn, our new artificial lawn is made up of various colors in order to recreate the various stages of the filaments of grass: from birth to development and maturity.

Dreamy synthetic turf artificially reproduces the imperfections and unevenness present in a natural lawn.

To achieve this result, we have created a unique two-tone curled texturized yarn. It is in fact the only synthetic yarn on the market capable of reproducing the dry grass present in a real lawn.

Its qualities include the function of supporting the elastic memory of the monofilament necessary to recreate the same sensation of walking on a natural lawn.

The monofilament consists not only of three colors but also of three different shapes:
    •  The first filament is thin with a diamond section and a bright light green color: it represents the newly born and growing blade of grass. Performance function: high softness.
    •  The second filament is of medium structure with a “C” shape, central rib, and olive color: it represents the growing grass filament that is being structured. Performance function: medium softness and medium resilience.
    •  The third filament is the most structured with a “W” shape to recreate the blade of grass that has reached the end of its growth phase. Performance function: high resilience.

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