Lawn Synthetic Turf – Dreamy 35 ( 1.5 Pile Height)

  • Roll Size 13.3″ X 83″ FT Long = 1,108 SQ FT X $3.11 PER SQ FT  = $3,445
  • If purchased for less than a full roll is $3.40
  • Ideal Use Decorative Play Areas


As in a natural lawn, our new artificial lawn is made up of various colors in order to recreate the various stages of the filaments of grass: from birth to development and maturity.

Dreamy synthetic turf artificially reproduces the imperfections and unevenness present in a natural lawn.

  1. Adaptable to weather conditions: Italgreen synthetic turf does not suffer from any weather conditions, it resists temperature variations, remains aesthetically pleasing in every season, and is feasible at any time of the year.
  2. Resistant and long-lasting: synthetic turf is obviously very resistant compared to natural grass. As a result, synthetic turf guarantees a longer coat life, whose conditions do not change during the year, drastically reducing maintenance operations.
  3. Clean and hygienic: synthetic turf is immune to organic contamination, it does not attract insects and mosquitoes, saving you the use of pesticides and other harmful substances. Italgreen only uses materials and production processes that comply with international standards, all our products are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

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