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When you are in need of fill to grade you yard or to back fill an old swimming pool, you could be paying lots of money for material. If you are planning to do such a job, I would advice that you plan ahead. Gappsi pool is always excavating new jobs and we can help you with free fill. rca is produced in recycling facilities and it comes in different grades.
It depends what you use for you can buy different qualities. And the more expensive it is the better the product if you buy it from a manufacturer because you will get a direct price and you can also choose the rca that you need. There is a low grade, contractor grade and state approved grade. The better the grade it means that there is more concrete and less dirt crushed and mimed with it. Fill; there is a difference between dirt and fill.
Fill is referred to as clean material that can be compact and has no debris in it such as wood or grass. Dirt it is referred as more soil material that is usually mixed with grass when they screen top soil they usually get it from dirt that is excavated from surface area excavation. At Gappsi we are constantly producing these materials from our excavations.
We reuse them as part of our landscaping and grading .for more information please call the long island soil company at 631 543-1177

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