Basic Information About Sandstone Pavers & Veneers

Sandstone Pavers and Veneers for patios, pool copings, and wall cladding. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that is composed primarily of sand grains. They accumulated in large quantities over millions of years and then bonded together by minerals that were in the ground, such as quartz and calcium carbonate. Sandstone that is rich in quartz will eventually change into quartzite over millions of years by crystallization into other natural stone. Sandstone Pavers and Veneers, can include any color due to impurities within the earth around the area of formation and the minerals in the ground. The most common colors are tan, brown, red, grey, yellow, pink, black, and white. Sandstone is found all over the world, and sourced and manufactured into many household products and art crafts. This includes statues, pottery, garden ornaments, fountains, moldings, pool copings, pavers, and wall veneers. Sandstone pavers and veneers can be finished in a sawed surface, tumbled, sandblasted, brushed, natural cleft, or honed matte finish and rock faded for copings and veneers. When sandstone pavers and veneers are finished in a rock faced process, much of the sandstone formation is revealed and also the colors of the sandstone reveals sparkling crystals from the quartz grains that are in the sand and reflect light.  Sandstone pavers are ideal for pedestrian areas such as patios, pool areas, copings, and wall veneers. The best installation practice for sandstone pavers and coping material is generally to be installed on a clean, washed sand over compacted aggregate base, or a poured concrete base. They can also be installed on a mud base for outdoor and indoor use. Tiles and veneers are installed with thin-set or mortar applied on walls or on a mud base for floors. Polymeric sand is mostly used for outdoor installation to fill the spaces between the paver joints, and grout for tiles installed indoors. Sandstone pavers and veneers are manufactured and installed in multi-size pattern or random free-formed flagging, with random lengths.  If you are looking for a contractor or supplier  on Long Island NY, Gappsi supplies and installs sandstone pavers and veneers throughout Nassau and Suffolk County. Our showroom is located at 1015 W Jericho Turnpike in Smithtown where you can view our natural stone on display. Whether you are looking to replace an old paver walkway or patio, or start a new installation, you will find sandstone pavers to fit your style. Gappsi also provides outdoor design ideas with 2-D and 3-D concepts. You can also visit our website at to learn more about all other Gappsi sandstone natural stone products.

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