Stamped Concrete Driveways –Walkways-Patios –Stoops Long Island

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By Giuseppe Abbrancati

Stamped concrete is an imitation of natural stones .Even though the patterns and colors look realistic in Magazine pictures, when you stand on a stamped concrete pavement you can tell it is just an expensive concrete job. Also because it is poured in concrete slabs, expansion joins have to be installed making them visible and esthetically unattractive.

Stamped concrete is also very expensive for what you get and repairs are also very noticeable and unattractive.  Stamped concrete is a wet pour cast in place and this makes it very pours and eventually it will start to flake and cheap it is also affected by the salt during the snow season.

The best suggestion that I can give is to just get simple poured concrete, it is cheaper and many contractors can do a good job at it and you can save allot of money and have better results than stamped concrete.

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