Steel Wall vs Concrete Wall Pools-Pros and Cons Long Island

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By Giuseppe Abbrancati

Steel wall or concrete wall swimming pools which one is better? It all depends on who you are talking to. Steel wall swimming pools are expected to last 30 years and some people argue that in 30 years from now they won’t be here, but some times they could be wrong. Time passes fast and you might still be there dealing with rusted pool walls that can’t be repaired and you will be saying to yourself I should have done concrete walls. The reason I say that is because I’ve heard that many times. The problems are not just rust, as the backfilled dirt used behind the pool wall starts to settle  the walls start to bow in and the coping starts to get loose and the patio will then start to sink. Everything about steel wall pools is weak, in the winter time when you lower the water in the pool to keep it below the skimmers or if you have a pump to pump water off the pool cover you might bring the water level too low and when the ground freezes it expends. By not having water in the pool to counter weight the pressure of the ground towards the inside of the pool there is a good possibility that the pool could collapse or get all bent out of shape. The reason people get steel wall pools, is because a steel wall pool is a kit that is manufactured, you order the shape you like and it gets delivered on site the entire pool is on pallets.

To excavate the pool hole in order to build the pool, there are a few excavators that all they do is dig pools and so for a fee they get the hole ready for the pool to be built and in less then 2 days 3 guys can build the entire pool. And as easy it is to build the steel wall pool thats how easy it is to become a steel wall pool contractor. Some steel wall companies started from a simple homeowner that built his own steel wall pool and from there they decided to build pools. So there are 100’s of steel wall pool companies going out of business every year and there are 100’s of steel wall pool companies starting in business every year  and as a consumer  you will find more companies that will suggest  a steel wall pool  because they cant build a concrete wall. There are only a few concrete wall swimming pool companies, only about 10 % of all swimming pool companies that own molds to build concrete wall pools, to start a pool company that can build concrete walls you need to invest at least $500,000 verses nothing to build steel walls and that is why lots of contractors suggest steel wall pools and no other reason.

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