swimming pool questions after job is complied long island

by / Wednesday, 23 November 2011 / Published in Uncategorized

I called the office and scheduled to have my pool closed. My pool was just built by Kevin and the Masonry also done by you guys. Pete said they power vac they sand and concrete that fell in the pool. Do you do that when you close it? Also the only cover I have is my old loop loc that Kevin has. It is an oval 21’6″ X 45’3″. Our pool I think is 42′ X 20′ with roman ends. Is it possible to try to use my loop loc and hold it on with waterbags this year. Since it is mesh I wouldn’t think you have to worry about water weight pulling it into the pool. I think it should cover it all except a part of the bench, which I can just buy a tarp for. I will likely get a more appropriate loop loc cover next year.

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