Unilock vs. Grinnell –pavers and walls Long Island

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These are the most common question I have been asked for ever.
And the reason everyone in the market for paving stones for their
Patios and driveways, comes across a paving stone manufacture brochure and is challenged by their marketing and comparisons to each other and how great their product is.
But the truth is that all paving stones are manufactured the same way and don’t’ meter witch one you buy they all are made with quality and care, to be able to manufacture concrete paving stones you have to invest many millions of dollars and it is a very competitive market and they will not survive if they made a bad product. when you choose pavers, all you have to do is look at them and the moment you find one that you like that is the best one and that is when you ask who makes it this way you know what tell the contractors you plan to get prices and estimates from. what you choose about paving stones is the color first that is what is appealing to the eyes , then the texture it could be tumbled on not tumbled and many other finishes available ,
Then the shape or the sizes. For more information’s or a free estimate on paving stones installations, contact us at 631 543-1177
Or visit our web site at www.gappsi.com

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