What is an automated pool cover? Looking for a professional-looking for automatic pool Cover Company – How much does it cost – Is an automated pool cover good for long island-quality of a Gappsi automated cover?

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Advantages of pool safety, energy saving, solar retractable automated gappsi swimming pool covers for long island swimming pool owners.
Using an automated pool cover you will eliminate the rain water from going in your pool and diluting the salt and chemicals. If your pool is covered with a Gappsi vinyl automatic cover your pools pump will work less to circulate the water and you will save lots of money in electricity. Also your pool water will stay warm because the Gappsi pool cover will prevent the heat from escaping and also absorb the sun rays and further warm up the pool water. A Gappsi automated pool cover is also fun, kids and grown ups can jump and slide on the pool cover just spray some water and your pool cover is a big slippery water slide.
And with warm water circulating and moving below your pool cover you will enjoy the pool cover by just laying on it and getting massaged by the heat and the water movement below it. Your pool cover is also safe at the push of a button, your pool is totally closed preventing accidents from happening when your pool area is not supervised by grownups, also during the night animals wondering around will not fall in and drown. A Gappsi automated retractable vinyl pool cover properly maintained is all you need to be legal in NY State your fence does not have to be to code your pool cover is all the safety you need.

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