New wood floors Installation and refinishing

koi fish pond long island ny Willy Atiencia, was born and raised in Ecuador, attended school there, and came to the US At the Age of 13 years old. Here he continued his education and graduated from Brentwood High School. After graduation, he started working for a company doing installation and finishing of wood flooring for residential and commercial applications. In 2005, Willy started his own flooring installation business, continuing his work and servicing all of Long Island. Willy is a proud father of two children. He has been working with Gappsi since 2017 and our clients compliment his knowledge and outstanding quality of work

New wood floors Installation and refinishing. Serving both Nassau and Suffolk County Long Island NY

Gappsi wood floor refinishing starts with the preparation of the floor. If it’s an existing wood floor before we begin, we carefully inspect that there are no loose boards and look for anything that needs repair. We start with sanding the floor. This process tends to raise a lot of dust. We make sure to cover vents and doorways with plastic to prevent the dust from getting into them. Our installation crew is very careful during the sanding process as it is very easy for the sander to make a swirl mark or scratch the floor. The sanding process removes the finish that is currently on it, and/or flattens the surface of the new wood floor after we are done with the sanding. The next step is to buff your floor; this process helps even out the scratches. We apply the finish, which we can provide you with custom colors for your wood floors or we can finish them in their natural colors. At customer's request, we can apply water-based or oil-based finish. Using these, you can either get a gloss, semi-gloss, or a satin finish. The most common is the satin finish because it is good at hiding imperfections on the floor. We can also finish with a glow using oil-based finish, but the water-based polyurethane is the most commonly used because it dries clear and does not give a yellowish look for your floor. Another type of finish is with hard wax oil. It is eco-friendly, resistant to humidity, and can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. It is safe to use in children’s bedroom and on furniture as well. After the last coat is complete, using any type of finish, the end product may take 24 hours to a week for it to dry out completely.

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