Yield strength of travertine long island

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Yield Strength is defined as, the lowest stress that produces a permanent deformation in a material. There are 3 types of stress factors that can cause deformation, compression, tensile, and fatigue strengths. With these three types of help determine the overall yield strength. When it comes to travertine the strength varies with individual lots of stones due to their natural formation within the ground, but rule of thumb can conclude that travertine has average yield strength of 180 Mpa, comparable to mechanical grade cast Iron. Gappsi is Long Island’s leading importer, and installer of Travertine, Limestone, and paving stones. . For any additional information, call long island travertine experts or visit our showroom for more information at (631)-543-1177, 1015 W. Jericho Turnpike Smithtown NY 11787.

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