CEMENTO SMOKE 24″x24″x3/4″ & 24″x24″x2″ RECTIFIED MADE IN ITALY ($8.60 PER SQ FT)

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  • Price $8.60                                                                                             




HARDSCAPE PORCELAIN is a versatile and accessible brand in sintered stone with a contemporary design, dedicated to outdoor spaces. Sober elegance and technical and tactile surfaces are combined with concrete or neutral tones for a minimal design and settings characterized by strong contrasts. The brand ensures anti-slip and high-technical performance.

Sizes 60x60x2 cm (24″x24″x0.8″)
Description “HARDSCAPE PORCELAIN Cemento Smoke” paving and cladding slabs. Made in Italy, rectified in 2 cm thickness. Color body sintered stone. Resistant, anti-freeze, anti-slip R11 and drive-over product.

60x60x2 cm