PORTLAND ICE 24″x24″x3/4″ & 24″x24″x2″ RECTIFIED MADE IN ITALY

  • ON DISPLAY AT GAPPSI SHOWROOM                                                                                                                                       




HARDSCAPE PORCELAIN is a versatile and accessible brand in sintered stone with a contemporary design, dedicated to outdoor spaces. Sober elegance and a very technical tactile surface to combine with a concrete look or neutral tones for a minimal design and for settings characterized by strong contrasts. The brand ensures non-slip performance and offers high technical performance.

Sizes 120x120x2 cm (48″x48″x0.8″)
80x180x2 cm (32″x72″x0.8″)
40x180x2 cm (16″x72″x0.8″)
60x90x2 cm (24″x36″x0.8″)
60x60x2 cm (24″x24″x0.8″)
Description “HARDSCAPE PORCELAIN Portland Ice” paving and cladding slabs Made in Italy, rectified in 2 cm thickness.
Sintered stone with colored enamelled mass. Resistant, anti-freeze, anti-slip R11 product and suitable for vehicles.

120x120x2 cm (48″x48″x0.8″)