Basketball Pro


For Indoor and outdoor use Best used for Basketball  Best Installed on concrete or asphalt base.
Also suitable for Tennis Volleyball Futsal Badminton Pickleball and others

Cost- $5.20 per sq ft (free design of court)

(Free shipping in select areas)

Available Colors

Thermal Expansion System

  • It consists of more than 4 sets of resilience arms &
    elastic pillars. Prevent the court from bulging caused
    by the rise in temperature.

Texture Surface Treatment

  • No reflection, don’t glare, better friction.

Safety System

  • One tile has 2 specific fixed structure designs. Expand the installation area; provide more buffer clearance and better shock absorption. Ensure construction accuracy and safety; be windproof, anti- theft, and anti-displacement.

Raw Materials

  • Modified polypropylene, color masterbatch, antioxidant, light stabilizer, TPE, etc.

Product Models And Specifications

  • Size: 305 mm×305 mm×14.5 mm (±0.15mm)
    Weight:3 0 0 g (±10g)

Cold Shrinkage System

  • It consists of more than 8 sets of shrapnel & transverse
    columns to prevent cracks caused by temperature drop.

Supporting System

  • 282 backside columns support high-intensity sports.
    Ensure well-proportioned ball bounce at each position is the same.

Flexible Connection System

  • 4 sets of arched telescopic joints enhance the ground adhesion
    force, thermal expansion and contraction performance.

Buffering System

  • Grid buffer soft connection and 32 elastic cushions uniformly decompose the surface pressure. Provide better shock absorption. The high-density energy absorption better protects athletes knee and ankle joints, and also reduces exercise strain.