Breeo 304 Fire Poker



Stoke the fire and get it burning bright with this well balanced yet sturdy fire burning tool. The multi-use tip allows you to push, pull, and adjust logs with authority while also providing a few other key features. Made for outdoor fire pits but useful anywhere a fire is burning—we made this for the serious firemaster.

  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Full-grain leather hanging loop
  • Tapered point for serious grip
  • Hook “swoop” for lifting and adjusting—great for Outpost Grill
  • Serrated edge for rolling logs and moving coals
  • Flat edge for ash clearing—fits between X Airflow vents and wall of fire pit
  • Chisel point for pushing logs
  • Utility notch for adjusting various accessories
  • 40” long / 2lb. 3oz.
  • Made by Breeo in Lancaster PA, USA