Dominator Pickleball Paddle Set


  • Includes carrying case with handles, 2 paddles, and 4 balls

  • Paddles have a graphite surface and polymer polypropylene honeycomb core

  • Perfect for 1 vs 1 matches

  • Paddles and pickleballs meet USAPA standards



  • Surface made of strong, high-quality graphite
  • Core has polymer polypropylene honeycomb combination
  • We tested paddles and rackets of different surface materials and cores to see which one we liked most, and this combination was unanimously our favorite.
  • Meets USAPA Standards


  • Made of high-quality smooth plastic with 40 precisely machine-drilled holes
  • Made from hard durable plastic material with exceptional seam welding technology
  • Meets USAPA Standards

Carrying Case:

  • Case has handles which makes it easy to “grab and go”
  • Has a molded out spot in the case allowing everything to fit perfectly
  • Provides Protection for the paddles and pickleballs