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Ideal for ovens with internal diameter from 100 cm to 150 cm.

It is tailored to the height of the oven floor, in which a Ø 150 mm hole must be drilled in order to insert the flange with thermal steel tube that protrudes 2-3 cm above the baking floor to protect the burner.

Drago P2 is a two-flame atmospheric burner specifically designed for large ovens, including professional ones. It is mainly aimed at foreign markets in need of very simple equipment without complicated electronics or need for connection to the mains electricity.

The flame control is elementary and foolproof, and can easily be adapted to any oven on the market.

Moreover, Drago P2 requires no routine maintenance and does not get dirty, and its combustion heads are made of thermal steel, just like all DRAGO burners.

Drago P2 is the easiest and most reliable of its kind on the market today.

Drago P2 is an ultra-silent atmospheric burner. The flame created by the special Venturi burner is very bright and fully replaces the characteristics of wood-fired baking. It also has the advantage of occupying very little space inside the oven, thus increasing the available surface, and of allowing very easy heat management, simply by rotating a knob.

Drago P2 perfectly adapts to all types of ovens, in terms of both internal baking surface and dome height – minimum and maximum heat levels can be controlled to maintain oven temperature and to allow the oven to quickly reach working temperature. Within this preset range, the flame control knob can be used to vary the amount of heat developed inside the oven, to reach and maintain the temperature required.

Drago P2 can be installed in any environment, even outdoors, as it requires no electrical connection, does not suffer from humidity and always guarantees maximum safety for the user, as certified by the IMQ tests performed.


DRAGO P2 is available in reverse flame model for ovens where it is not possible to drill a hole beneath the baking floor. In this case the 110 mm hole can be made on the side wall of the oven.

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