Fusion Active 230 Spa

PRICE OF SPA : $ 19,000


Designed by Marc Sadler, the Fusion Active 230 spa is a perfect blend of modern and captivating design for indoor or outdoor spaces — a space to unwind, alone or with company, and leave behind the day’s fatigue. Measuring 230x200xH67 cm, it embodies Italian finesse and can come with or without VTR paneling and/or an anthracite thermal cover. Infinity edge makes it even more captivating.

Ghost Hydromassage System and Infinity Edge

The Fusion Active 230 spa is a product of Italian excellence, blending captivating aesthetics with effortless functionality, thanks to the integrated overflow skimmer system.

The Fusion Active 230 mini-pool is based on a Ghost hydromassage system, designed by Marc Sadler. This exclusive system ensures that nozzles and external jets do not disrupt the clean and minimalistic design. With Ghost, the hydromassage becomes imperceptible, as all technological components remain concealed within a slim perimeter slot, which also houses multicolored LED lighting.

To enhance the enveloping and consistent wellness experience, Ghost technology also employs chromotherapy effects. A blade of light magically stirs the water, ensuring a unique and complete relaxation experience – a soothing antidote to stress and anxiety, inspired by the Italian Dolce Vita.


90″ x 78″ x 26″


  • Number of seats 2
  • Hydromassage
  • Automatic bath filling/draining
  • Infinity edge
  • Cartridge filtering system
  • Heater
  • LED colour therapy
  • Ozonator
  • Side panels
  • Thermal cover
  • Fittings for heat exchanger