Indoor Pro


Indoor use ONLY
With cushions, NO need for rubber underlay and great for different sports courts.

Cost- $6.70 per sq ft (free design of court)

(Free shipping in select areas)

Available Colors

Strengthening System

  • Strengthened Keels make the flooring be
    stronger, provides better load-bearing capacity.

Cold Shrinkage System

  • Consisted of 8 elastic sheets and lateral post;
    Preventing the court from cracks caused
    by temperature reduction.

Texture Surface

  • Texture surface treatment, provides better friction
    performance for indoor sports.
    No light-reflection, and will not hurt the player’s eyes.

Thermal Expansion System

  • Patent design: 8 group resilience arms & elastic pillars;
    Preventing the court from bulging caused
    by the rise in temperature.

Shock Absorbing System

  • 50 pcs elastic cushions help to decompose the
    surface pressures and ensure better ball bounce rate.
    Reduce the impact on players’ joints.

Raw Materials

  • Modified Polypropylene; Color Masterbatch;
    Antioxidant; Light Stabilizer; TPES; etc.

Products Models And Specifications

  • Size: 306.7mm*306.7mm*14.5mm
    Weight: 460g(±10g).