Italgreen Field Hockey


Italgreen’s hockey manufactured turf frameworks are entirely level, permitting the ball to roll impeccably and offering a degree of smoothness to the game that would be unimaginable in any other case. Our hockey turf ensures excellent performance, normal inclination, and a staggering stylish impact. All of that, with the least upkeep, needed and wonderful accessibility all around the year with any atmospheric condition.

We offer 2 different types of turf, Sand base, and Water base.

Hockey turf with Sand base innovation. The engineered hockey turf mantle is firmly loaded with sand until the tufted surface is totally covered. The upper piece of the manufactured turf strings stays free. The subsequent special visualization is essentially comparative to a characteristic grass field.

Super innovative arrangements, like Italgreen’s System Water base (the ball rolls on a very dainty water layer on the manufactured turf), ensures a high-performing play that is valued by experts in this area: their criticism and suppositions keep on improving and modernize our field hockey engineered turf frameworks, to accomplish results that would cause envy on even the best paving systems.