ZeroFill Sports Synthetic Turf


Available in 22mm & 27mm Pile Height

Italgreen is a trailblazer in American football and turf supply and it has been picked by some significant arenas everywhere.

They partook in the development of the IRB-confirmed Bessa Boavista arena in Portugal and of the arena that facilitated the 2013 Football European Championship.

Our business likewise includes lofty plants in America and Europe, for example, the Vigorelli in Milan, making Italgreen a recognized provider of engineered football and rugby turf.

The quest for flawlessness helped by the criticism from mentors and expert players permitted us to foster a rugby turf framework supported by the IRB (International Rugby Board) and the Italian Rugby Federation. Both debut Italian and global rugby crews picked our rugby turf for its fantastic exhibition and sensible impact.

We can offer different sorts of manufactured mantles, contingent upon the ideal qualities, for example


  • DOUBLE 4, for the perfect foot support and torque
  • DMX, as soft as a natural field
  • All-Star, with optimal reflectance and slippering indices.